There are a number of reasons why new parents would love a gift basket from you:

  1. They are tired and don't have the energy to go shopping.
  2. They don't want to leave their baby in the first few days.
  3. They are likely forgetful and won't go shopping until they have run out of things.

What should I put in a new parent gift basket?

  • Online Photo Service Gift Certificate: One thing new parents always have to do is provide other friends and family members with photos of the baby. A great gift for new parents is a gift certificate to Snap Fish or a similar site. This will allow the new parents to automatically mail actual pictures of the baby to others. They can even use the gift certificate to make small photo books to send to loved ones.
  • Food: Any food that is easy to prepare. Think about what foods you would take with you on a long plane ride. Also, include some fresh fruits or fresh fruit salad that is ready to eat.
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee: If you know new parents who are coffee drinkers, they will need all they can get. Go for broke and get them some coffee that has been roasted as recently as possible. Check out Metropolitan or Intelligentsia for the freshest brews.
  • Super Waters: Vitamin Water, flavored coconut water, etc. These easy drinking beverages will give the new parents a quick and easy source of vitamins and help them make the best use of their eating and drinking time. Also, pick up some high-end, vitamin packed juices like Odwalla.
  • Restaurant Delivery Gift Certificates: Quick meals will be a staple of the first few days (or weeks) home with the baby. When parents get tired of eating all the casseroles people have brought, they will likely want some delivery. Get them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant that delivers so they can get a quick meal whenever is convenient for them, without having to go to the restaurant.
  • Magazines: Some parents enjoy a quick reading break and a magazine is great for that. They probably have all the parenting magazines they can handle, so pick them up some other mags as well.
  • Peapod Gift Cards: If you just don't know what to get them, Peapod gift cards work great. Check and make sure they live in a service area for the grocery delivery company. If they do this will be a fantastic way to let the parents order groceries from their computer at no cost to them.
  • Maid Service Gift Certificates: This may be more suitable to later, when the parents can take the baby out and on walks. Most new parents would appreciate a house cleaner to stop by while they are out with the baby. Having a reputable maid service come and clean the house is one less thing the new parents will need to worry about.
  • Candy: In times of stress, many people crave chocolate. And even if people aren't stressed, chocolate is delicious. Be sure to throw some amazing chocolates into the new parent gift bag. Try some more unique brands, like Vosges, to really treat them.

Use this list to cram a gift bag or gift basket full of goodies for the new parents.


New Parent Gift Basket
Credit: Stuart Miles