You too, can transform trash into treasure
Credit: Sue Visser

In lean times, especially during and after the second world war our parents were very resourceful and did not waste any scrap of material. How we have changed!We see lots of empty CD spindles being thrown away or taken to recycling centres. But there are many wonderful ways to transform old office trash like these plastic boxes into unique and useful items. They make great gifts and don't cost a fortune.

I will show you how to make a jewellery box from a small CD spindle that contained 10 CD's. Some brands now have screw on tops and these are easier to open and close. The older boxes have lugs and need a pair of strong hands to close them, so small children may battle to use them.

Making the beaded box

To make the blue beaded box, find some small beads, glitter and sequins or any flat decorative items you may have around the house. Good examples are: feathers, pressed flowers, pretty stickers or old coins. You can glue them on the black base of the spindle of the CD box.

Use a contact adhesive for larger objects. For the beads, I used cold glue, also known as wood glue as it is easier to spread out the beads. Finally add a ring of glue around the outer edge. Scatter on the sequins and glitter. When this dries, the glue becomes clear and the beads won't come loose. Leave it to dry overnight then place a clear CD on top. Secure it in the middle, around the pin with clear contact adhesive or use a glue gun.

An alternative box, using paint or nail varnish

We all love to play around with pots of nail varnish. The bright colours are especially attractive. Paint the base area of the spindle with dots and make pretty patterns. It dries quickly and in no time you have a new trinket box.

Use your box every night for keeping your rings, watch or bracelet safe. You can screw on the lid and tuck it under your clothes in the cupboard if you are travelling, to keep your valuable items hidden. A small round mirror glued on top of the box adds a useful touch.

You will enjoy making these boxes just as much as people will enjoy receiving them as gifts. The best of all, is that you will be adding new life to old office trash. If this kind of thing appeals to you then have a look at my ideas for making games with CD spindles. I also have a feature article on how to make a sunbird feeder using the same CD spindle boxes plus an old plastic bottle.


Spread on the cold glue and add the beads.
Credit: Sue Visser
Add more glue around the edge
Credit: Sue Visser
Glue on a clear disc
Credit: Sue Visser
Another way is to use nail varnish
Credit: Sue Visser
Funky jewellery box and nail varish stand
Credit: Sue Visser
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