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One of the best services that PayPal offers to customers is the ability to quickly and easily add a shopping cart and store to your company website. PayPal even hosts the actual store on its site, making it even less complicated to add a shopping cart to your site. The buttons come with coding pre-written, and all you have to do it place the coding onto the desired location on your site. Creating an online store has never been easier. It should take less than five minutes to set up a link to a shopping cart and create individual buttons for each item offered in your store.



View Cart Button



Visit the button creation part of the PayPal website. Click on “Accept payments” and choose “Services.” Click to create an “add to cart button.” Click the option to create a view cart button.


Copy the code for the view cart button by pressing “Control” and “C” on the keyboard at the same time.


Open the web hosting site for your website and locate the code for the page where you want to add the view cart button.  


Paste the code by pressing “Control” and “V” at the same time on the keyboard. Place the view cart option below every merchandise page, at the top of each page and anywhere else you want to add the button so customers can view their carts. Save the changes you made to the site.


Look at your website and click the buttons on each page online to ensure the links are working properly. Make any necessary changes to the placement of the button or how the links open.



Add to Cart Button


Go to the PayPal site. Create an “Add to cart” button. Enter the description of the item, the price and the item name. You must do this for every individual item in the store, as the store is hosted by PayPal.


Click “Create add to cart button” after entering the information. Copy the code by pressing “Control” and “C” on the keyboard at the same time.


Open your website code page on your computer. Open the page where you want to place the “Add to cart” button. Paste the code into the page coding by pressing “Control” and “V” at the same time on the keyboard. Repeat the process for as many buttons as you want to create. Save the coding changes.


Test the changes by clicking the “Add to cart” button on your page. The merchandise should automatically show up inside your PayPal cart.