A fun baby shower game to match any theme

The baby food guessing game has probably been played at baby showers since jar baby food has been on the grocery store shelf.  It is a simple game where shower guests attempt to guess the flavor of unlabeled baby food based on the way it looks and, for the brave, on how it tastes.

This game is easy to make and easy to incorporate into any theme. 

Materials List:

  • jars of baby food
  • permanent marker
  • sewing measuring tape
  • scissors (or straight edge, craft knife, and cutting mat)
  • decorative paper to match your theme (scrapbooking paper is great!)
  • round or decorative stickers (if you're crafty, you can make these by hand and attach them with rubber cement or glue dots)
  • transparent tape or glue dots
  • computer and printer (you can do this by hand, too)
  • pens or pencils for your guests to write down their answers
  • prizes for the winners (optional)

Step 1: Purchase jars of baby food.  Glass jars work best.  Use any brand you want.  One jar per guest is a good rule of thumb, but you can make the game as big or as small as you like.  The little jars make cute place settings and table decorations.  It's okay to use more than one jar of the same flavor.  Hint: if you want to give the jars to the mom-to-be, make sure the expiration dates are at least one year after the shower date.  If your expiration dates are sooner, give them to someone with at young child or donate them to a food pantry.

Step 2: Count your jars and make a blank, numbered list by hand or on a computer.  Print out or copy enough for your guests to use for the game.  Be as creative as you like - match the colors and text style to your shower theme. Hint: For a list of ten jars, we like to use landscape format, three columns, with margins set to 0.5" and column spacing of 1". Adjust the size of the font as needed to fill the columns nicely.  You'll get three lists per page.  If you have more jars, try portrait format with two columns.

Step 3: Fill in one numbered list with the names of the baby food - one number per jar.  This is your key so keep it safe.  Use a permanent marker to write the numbers on the bottoms of the jars.

Step 4: Measure the labels - one of each size if you are using different size jars.  Write your measurements down or draw them out so you know exactly how big the original labels are. Use a sewing measuring tape to find the circumference and add 1/2-inch for overlap or you can take the jars to the store where you purchase your decorative paper and measure on the spot.  Make sure the paper you purchase wraps all the way around the jar. 

Step 5: Calculate your materials.  Multiply the height of the label times the number of jars.  This will give you the top-to-bottom inches of decorative paper you will need.  Purchase enough sheets of paper to cover all of your jars.  Be sure to get the stickers, too. 

Step 6: Make the game materials. 

  • Make your new labels.  Using your label measurements, cut out strips of paper decorative paper.   These are your new labels.
  • Print or write one number per jar on the stickers. 
  • Tape (or glue) one end of your decorative paper to the back of the jar.  Wrap the decorative paper strip around the jar very snugly and secure the other end. 
  • Add your stickers to the jars.  Be sure to match the jar number (written on the bottom) and the sticker number.  Repeat with each jar.
  • Gather the jars, the blank lists (see Step 2 above), the pens or pencils, your key list, and any prizes so you can take them to the baby shower.
  • Stand back and admire your fun, simple (and beautiful!) baby shower game.

Use your creativity to display the game at the shower.  You can put the jars, blank lists, and pens or pencils into a sweet, cradle-shaped basket, you can use them as adorable place settings, or you can spread them all over the tables.  Don't forget to include spoons if you want your guests to taste test!

Step 1

get the jars

easy baby shower game idea(98815)

Steps 2 and 3

make your list, number the jars, and make your key

number the baby food jars

Step 6

make your labels

easy baby shower game idea(98818)

Step 6

attach the labels

easy baby shower game idea(98819)

Step 6

attach the stickers

easy baby shower game idea(98820)

baby shower place setting

easy baby shower game idea

baby shower place setting

easy baby shower game idea(98822)