Get rid of winter itch with this dry skin wash recipe

Got a case of winter itches, the dry scaly skin that feels more like a snake's than a human's? Then this article is for you! With a few simple ingredients, you can make a very effective dry skin wash that will heal and restore skin. The ingredients in this dry skin wash may not be in your cupboard, but once you buy them they will inexpensively provide dozens of moisturizing treatments. This is cheaper than buying Dove body wash or other commercial moisturizers every month. Plus, it's natural with no added chemicals and works better than most retail beauty products.

1. Purchase virgin coconut oil. This light, non greasy but extremely moisturizing oil can be found at most grocery stores (it's a cooking oil) or vitamin shops like GNC or Vitamin World. Coconut oil quickly heals dry skin, however, if it's not available, you may substitute olive oil. (Bonus tip: Coconut oil is great for dry, chapped lips.)

2.Buy Dr. Bronner's liquid soap. Again, this can be found at most grocery stores (or online). Dr. Bronner's is a high quality liquid castile soap that gently cleanses skin so that moisturizing ingredients in this dry skin wash can penetrate deeply. It comes in several different scents and is certified organic. Try the Lavender liquid soap for a relaxing dry skin wash. Note that the soap does contain coconut oil, but we're still adding more for intensive skin moisturizing.

3.Find some pure honey. Honey isn't just for eating, it's an ancient and well established dry skin remedy. Honey draws water to the skin and the coconut oil seals the moisture in. Check the label to ensure it says 'pure honey' as some honey is actually diluted corn syrup. (And no! The honey will not be sticky at all. Promise! Queens like Cleopatra used honey as a skin treatment and you're certainly worth the royal treatment, right?)

4.Mix equal amounts of coconut oil, Dr. Bronner's castile soap and honey. It may be necessary to melt the coconut oil in the microwave,in which case, heat only for 30 seconds at a time as it melts fast and you don't want to overheat it. Also, make just enough for the next one or two showers or baths as it doesn't keep too long.

5.Add 2 teaspoons of baking soda or a tablespoon of sugar to exfoliate skin. The baking soda will foam a bit when it hits water, but it's a very gentle and natural exfoliant. Use the sugar if you have scaly skin that needs more aggressive exfoliation.

6.Use the dry skin wash in the shower or bath. Be careful as oils can sometimes make the tub slippery.

7.Follow the dry skin wash with a good quality moisturizer. Pure cocoa butter or shea butter is a good choice.

8. Use the dry skin wash daily until skin softens and stops itching. Then use every other day or so for maintenance.

You should see an immediate improvement in your skin with just one shower.