Did you know there is easy money be made by collecting discarded aluminum?  Walk the aisles of any supermarket or home supply center and see how many aluminum products will someday end up in the trash or on the side of the road, items such as aluminum pie pans, home siding, pet food cans(just rinse and remove labels) and many other products.

 The best part is, it’s all FREE for the taking.  One pound of aluminum cans will get you anywhere from .45 cents to .65 cents.  Last year, the rate was around .25 cents per pound making it even more worthwhile to you now!

     Here are a couple of ways you can collect discarded aluminum and make that money. 

 First, spend a few hours outdoors each day, get some exercise, and collect all the cans you can find.  Look on the streets, highways, parking lots and in dumpsters etc.  This could earn you $5.00 to $20.00.  Also, where people  gathered there is always trash so don’t forget those sporting events like car racing and baseball or those outdoor concerts where audience members in the sun are drinking lots of pop.

 You could make a living with the second way:  Contact all restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in your city or town and supply them with a container to save the cans for you.  Agree to pick them up daily or weekly.  Once you have a good amount of cans contact various metal dealers to ask them what the going price is for the day.  If the price is great sell them, if it’s not, hold on to them for a few days till the price gets better.  You will find after doing this for a while that one dealer might pay you more than the others.  Treat him well and he will repay you with good profit.

 Here is one other way I found to get scrap.  I observed a man here in Salt Lake City on weekly trash pickup days going from Bin to Bin to remove all the items he could resale(make sure the can is at the curb before you do this).

P.S.  Don’t pass by any other metals you can resale such as copper and brass which are selling for high prices now.  Know that over time there will be people approaching you to take metal off their hands.  Help them out.

P.P.S.  Here is one other possibility.  If you have a friend or family member living in a state which pays 5 or 10 cents for returned cans such as Oregon or California you can make a lot more money if you can get the cans there, just make sure the vehicle you transport them in has that particular state’s license plates and DON’T CRUSH THE CANS!