What services does a mommy’s helper provide? Babysitting, house cleaning, cooking, shopping, dog walking, and more. There are many ways to make money and mommy’s have the money to pay for those services. You basically provide a service that will help them accomplish all their tasks.

Most mommy’s and daddy’s are working part time or full time from home. When the kids are home, it makes it difficult for them to talk on the phone or to concentrate on their work. A mommy’s helper will be able to occupy the kids while mommy works and then everyone is happy. The kids have someone to provide love, prepare meals, and entertain and play with them until mommy or daddy is done with their work.

Kids sometimes get bored when they are at home all the time. If mommy or daddy are busy working, they may try to be quiet and good but it doesn’t work and the noise begins. Kids will have someone that they can look forward to coming and playing. If you are good at dealing with kids, when you need money making ideas, consider what you already know what to do. 

What you need to be a mommy's helper

  • Advertise online, community boards, and advertise in newspapers
  • Mobile phone so you can answer a call no matter where you are
  • Organizer or appointment book

 You want to create your own advertisement that is simple and to the point. Don’t hype it up so everyone will need to spend time trying to find out what your message truly is. You want to be able to have people read the ad and know what you have to offer. A mobile phone is important because you can take it with you wherever you are and still work. The organizer or appointment book is going to be handy for you so you don’t double book or over schedule your day. 

Characteristics that make you a good Mommy's Helper

You must be trust worthy and reliable. You need to show them that you are both. If someone hires you to help watch their children, they want to be able to trust you with the most valuable things in their life. You want to prove that you are reliable. Always request that a reference from anyone you work for so you can add it to your portfolio. Have people trust you by addressing their needs. You know that if someone hires you for babysitting; consider offering something special like childcare in a bag. Inside a bag, you can place activities to do with the kids, a crayon book, a healthy snack, and juice. You can include rewards like stickers and reward prizes. Everyone will look forward to you coming and bringing your care bag.

 The same theory applies for house cleaning. If you are hired to clean house one day, come prepared by packing your preferred products. You may like a special type of cleanser because it has bleach in it. You can buy a caddy tray to hold everything. When you leave, consider leaving a complimentary bottle of the cleanser that you use. Most companies will offer you so many discounted bottles or containers of products that you can use in your business if it means promoting them as well. Call the company who makes the cleanser that you like and see what they can offer you.