Why you should write for InfoBarrel

If you are reading this with the same mind that I was reading similar articles two years ago, your head will be swimming with so much information. You will have hundreds of different opinions, different names, where to work and where to earn. People will lie to you and say you can get rich quick online. Well, YOU CAN'T!!  If you are looking for a lucky chance, switch the computer off and go buy a lottery ticket, you have as much chance. If, however, you are after a chance to work for yourself and start a career at home, or you wish to have more autonomy in your life whilst earning, read on.

Here at InfoBarrel, us writers not only enjoy a great community atmosphere, with a very helpful and guiding forum, but we actually get the traffic  to enjoy being paid for our work also.

We are allowed two self serving links with in out articles, and we can write about most topics, so long as they are with in the terms and conditions of InfoBarrel and any revenue sites, such as Adsense.


Earning money with InfoBarrel is diverse

Another reason to write for InfoBarrel, is its diversity for earning. You have the ability to add your Adsense ID, Chitika ID and Amazon. Others also link  to other sites that gives them great backlinks. There is not only a chance to earn through revenue and affiliation in your article, but you can also put any links that you wish with in your signature.

InfoBarrel also understands more about SEO than other platforms and seems to know how to adapt to the demands of the public and that of Google. What this means is that you never suffer dips because of InfoBarrel themselves falling out of favour, because they simply do not. InfoBarrel is a well formatted, and well presented site to show your articles on.

What to expect from InfoBarrel.

You can expect a well educated, thorough and fair administration team, that have learnt how to protect your efforts. InfoBarrel look after the whole site and its true writers.

They do not look after people who turn up to earn money by writing in a language that is so foreign to them, that their writing looks like it has been typed out using their nose. This reduces the respectability of the site and is likely to get a site "sand boxed" by Google. That does no one any favours.

You can enter the contest, and if you are one of the top three for points, you will gain an Amazon Gift card. But if you earn over 20 or 30 points then you will gain a higher percentage of revenue the month after. Making this site the highest paying revenue share site.

Even if you do not win, enter and read the titles as if you are a regular sufferer of writer's block, the titles awaken ideas and help you get writing again.

My suggestion for a successful relationship between you and InfoBarrel.

Make sure you write to the best of your ability. Get yourself a good reputation online and your work will attract its own natural attention.

Set up your profile with a photograph or avatar, it looks awful with a blank avatar.

Read in the forum and pick up any tips you will find helpful, introduce yourself and gain friendship among InfoBarrel writers. They are a very friendly and helpful bunch. Spam and nasty behaviour are not tolerated.

Do not write ten articles and complain that you are not earning any money. The average to notice money that people seem to be happy with are 100 articles. Stick your head down and you will reach it before you notice, but quality over quantity is better for earnings. You need to know that writing online is not for immediate reward, well not if you are working towards residual income anyway.

You need to give your article time to be indexed with the search engines. That does not mean you sit back and do nothing, as at the bottom of your article you and others have the ability to socially share your article with places such as Twitter, Stumbleupon, Facebook. This will gain you traffic and help your article gain better authority among other indexed articles.

For your first 10 or more articles, they will be checked by admin before you will see them published. Be patient, it takes around 48 hours, sometimes less. Once admin are satisfied that you can run on your own steam, to a sufficient standard you will be able to write and see your articles go live straight away. That is a day of great motivation.

I wish you well, and hope your journey is a good one. See you in the forums, where the rest of us learn how to make money at InfoBarrel.