There are many ways to make money online, including blogging and Google Adsense. One of the most profitable ways however is by selling information and one of the best ways to sell information is in the form of an ebook.

How does an ebook differ from a regular book?

Ebooks provide information on a particular idea, solution to a problem or some sort of guide. They generally offer straight up practical information, on topics that you generally cannot find in a regular book store. There is a certain format and rigorous review process for regular published books, but ebooks have very few restrictions.

It is expensive to publish a regular book, so out of thousands of manuscripts that get submitted, only a few will actually get published. Publishers only publish books that they think will have a mass appeal. There is almost no cost to the creator of an ebook to sell it online, only the time it takes for the author to write the book.

Coming up with ideas for an ebook

One of the problems why an ebook never sells is that people don't research the market they are trying to target. It is important to try and provide information on a topic that people are searching for. If you can help solve a particular problem with your ebook, you will have more chance of getting sales.

Use a keyword tool to gauge the interest in your market. The more people are searching on a particular topic, the greater chance you will have success of selling your information on that topic.

Writing the book

One of the best tools to write your ebook is Open Office's word processor. Open Office is open source software that is free to use and offers features similar to Microsoft Word. Open Office has a simple feature to create a PDF from your document, which is the best format for publishing and sending your ebook.

Selling your ebook

There are a number of services available that you can use to help sell your ebook. You need to be able to collect the payment and provide a secure way for buyers to download your product, while stopping potential hackers from stealing your work.

Clickbank is a popularservice for selling ebooks, but I prefer e-Junkie. Their name isn't great, but they provide an excellent platform for selling ebooks and other digital products. Their cost is just $5 a month and you can sell up to 10 products for this price.

E-junkie makes it easy for affiliates to sell your product. If you can get some high traffic sites selling your ebook through the affiliate program, it can be the best way to market your product.

Marketing your product

No matter how great your product might be, you still need to promote and market it to the world. You could do this by having a blog on your site, creating an email newsletter or promoting it on social networks like Myspace and Facebook.

Selling information in the form of ebooks is often regarded as the best way to make money online. There is the effort of course of producing the book, but once that it is complete, you only need to spend some time marketing the product or even recruiting affiliates to sell your ebook.