Pinterest is still really new in and in its infancy stage. Currently it is by invitation only. For the purposes of this article I will assume you already have a Pinterest account.

I remember when Facebook was only accessible if you had a college email account. Now look how huge Facebook is today. 

Think about if you would of been one of the early users of Facebook and now have over 100,000 friends or followers on your Facebook business page. What kind of opportunity would you have?

I know businesses would love to have 100k "Likes" on their pages.

In the same way, Pinterest is now giving people and businesses the ability to market their products and services with huge potential. The difference with Pinterest is that the user instead of Liking a page will repin an item of yours. 

So, how do you make money using Pinterest? 

As an individual, you can sign up for affiliate programs and pin items. What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is where you advertise someone's product and when a customer makes a purchase through your advertisement, the company pays you a commission.

The most popular company that people sign up for is Amazon has a program called the Amazon Associate program. This is an affiliate program. The commission ranges from 4-15% depending on the product. 

Once you are approved to be an Amazon Associatego sign into your account. You will notice at the top of the screen a bar called the Amazon Associates. This gray bar has icons called Link to this page, Add to Widget, Add to aStore, Share, Your Earnings Summary, What's New, Discussion Boards, and Settings. We will use the Link to this page function for Pinterest.

Search for an item that you want. Then Pin the item to your desired Pinterest board.

Leave the window open. You should still have that item you just pinned. Click the Link to this page icon at the top. (Amazon will give you your own link so they can track when someone clicks the link and then makes a purchase). A new window will pop up. Click on the Text Only tab and in the preview section it will have a hyperlinked text. All you have to do is right click and copy link.

Now open a new tab or window and go to your Pinterest account. Select the board where you just pinned your item. Click on the item and it will give you an Edit function. In the URL section, delete the current URL and paste the link we copied from Make sure in the description area to include a disclosure that it is an affiliate link. Now hit the save button and you are all done.

Now that pin has the ability to be repinned an infinite amount of times. Each time it is repinned, it is also repinning your affiliate link. Too cool.

Keep pinning your affiliate linked items and watch everyday people repin your stuff with your affiliate link. It will just snow ball from that point. You can log back into and view your Earnings Summary. This will show you how many people are clicking through your Pinterest links, how many purchases people have made, and ultimately how much commission you have made.

Tip: Make sure to create boards in Pinterest that are interesting and that a mass amount of people would be interested in viewing. Don't be too specific with your board.