Garden planters or garden pots are available in many styles and materials. There is such a large variety of garden planters as they have been created for different situations and requirements. Garden planters are generally indoors and outdoors, so it seems appropriate to use pots specific to each situation.

Garden planters generally come in many styles that include:

  • Window planters;
  • Hanging planters; and
  • General planters.

Window planters are great for herbs or small flowers. They can be placed on the window sill and if required a bracket can be installed to support the planter. An ideal spot to place your window planter is outside the kitchen window so when you need herbs for cooking they are convenient and in reach.

Hanging planters are great for ferns such as maiden hair or fruits such as strawberries; they have even been used to grow tomatoes. A hanging planter is ideal for stopping animals destroying your plants as it is hangs the plants out of reach of any animals.

Some advantages of using garden planters for gardens include:

  • Ideal for balconies and small spaces;
  • Ideal for people renting as the planters can be moved;
  • When you are tired of the garden layout, simply move the planters around;
  • Plants can be relocated to suitable environmental conditions eg away from wind or out of the sun; and
  • Plants not suited to your garden soil can be planted in garden planters with the correct soil.

There are many styles of garden planters and each style is specific to a situation. It is not advisable to use indoor garden planters outdoors as they will deteriorate quickly because they are exposed to the elements. If you are planting outdoor plants, focus on what outdoor styles are available. It is acceptable to use outdoor pots indoors as there are significantly fewer elements indoors. So when choosing an indoor planter, your choice is larger. It is important to bare in mind when choosing an outdoor pot for indoor use that it is sealed. This is why ceramic pots are ideal for indoor use as they will not leak water. Terracotta planters used outdoors could leak water and if you want to use one for an indoor plant consider painting it with a clear sealant to avoid any leaks.

When choosing a planter ensure that you know how large your plant will grow to allow for the growth. If a garden planter is too small, the plant may become root bound and if not repotted quickly, will die. Make sure that the planter is positioned in the most appropriate place in your garden to avoid too much or too little sunlight. It is important to choose the correct garden planter suited to the plants to be planted to ensure great results and a garden to be proud of.