Not only has there been a media stir about whether the Law of Attraction works but also how to make the secret law of attraction work for you. The Law of Attraction can be boiled down to its simplest concept you are what you think you are, you have what you think you have and you attract what you think about. Though that is highly simplified it is pretty easy to see how that can confuse some and leave them wondering not if it works but how to make it work. In this article are some simple steps designed to help you make the secret attraction law work for you.

Things You Will Need

A general understanding of The Secret book or video

Step 1

The first step to making the secret attraction law work for you is to understand it. That means reading the book and concentrating on the law attraction with states that what you think about and including negative thoughts affect what you attract to yourself. You do not have to absorb it all at one time, think about it and how it can apply to your life.

Step 2

Decide on the changes you desire in your life and remember the law of attraction is also about balance in your life and harmony. You may have small goals at first and be prepared to have to work at the visualization techniques described in the book and the Secret Movie that explain the secret attraction law in detail.

Step 3

Patterns of thought are rarely changed overnight so be prepared to practice these positive thoughts and work on eliminating negative influences and patterns to help you become what you think about and believe in the reality of what you visualize. The secret book explains in detail how if you are thinking about or fearing the negative then those things are attracted to you according to the Law of Attraction.

Step 4

The secret movie and the book are both based on the Law of Attraction, which in turn depends on your belief in a good outcome and good things in your life. According to the secret, what you think is as important as what you do. If you are practicing the positive visualization techniques and have set practical goals then make note of your progress in a diary and how often negative visualization occurs and how long you can sustain the positive visualizations. This progress book helps you keep on track and notice small triumphs you may have missed.


Tips & Warnings

Tip: Take your time in learning how to make the law of attraction work for you, set positive goals and keep track of the progress toward your goals. Do not be discouraged if it takes, you time to learn to visualize and believe in the visualization.