Any retailer of contact lenses will try to sell you on the numerous benefits and advantages of life with contacts as opposed to life with glasses. But before you log onto 1-800-CONTACTS or give Vision Direct a call, here are 10 real life reasons why making the switch to contact lenses could be right for you.

1. No More Frames

The most obvious reason to ditch your glasses is the lack of frames on your face. You will be greatly changing your appearance by looking as though you no longer need corrective lenses, and opening up a new world of activities and appearances.

2. Comfort

Though some may argue that contact lenses are not comfortable, the truth is that contact lenses have come a long way and made major improvements in their comfort levels. They now let in oxygen and moisture from your environment so that most of the time, you don't even know the contact is in, giving you the illusion of perfect vision.

3. Sports

Go long and hit it out of the park! No longer encumbered by sports collisions damaging those pricey frames, you're free to play as hard as you want. The absence of glare also will help your game.

4. Change It Up

Sick of your brown eyes? Trade them in for blue, green or even gray. Color changing contacts are fun to play with and offer you the choice nature never gave you. They work by placing colored dots over the colored part of your natural eye. You don't even know they are there, but everyone around you will surely notice something is different.

5. Go Swimming

Imagine the freedom of playing with the kids in the pool, and actually being able to see them enjoy it! With contacts, your vision will be the last thing you're worrying about as you take in the serenity of a seaside retreat.

6. Reshape Your Eyes

Research shows that in some cases, long term contact wear can actually reshape your eyeball, improving your vision. Though it is unlikely you will wind up not needing corrective lenses because of the reshaping, isn't it nice to know the contacts are doing something to help your eye health?

7. Wear Sunglasses Again

With glasses, the best you can hope for are outdated and expensive prescription sunglasses, tinted shades that go dark way before you want them to, or the dreaded clip on sun shade. Get back in style with regular sunglasses. When your corrective lens is inside your eye as opposed to resting on your face, you have fashion freedom to choose whatever sun glasses you want.

8. Pack Light

Contact components (case, drops) are smaller and fewer in number than glasses essentials. Because of this, you can pack light.

9. Be Versatile

Glasses today, or no way? The choice is yours when you wear contacts. You can make the choice of weather or not you want to wear contacts or frames day to day.

10. Save Money

The price of contacts has come down dramatically over the past several years, making it far more economical than new glasses lenses and frames every 12 months.