Magic Jack

The company that gave us Magic Jack to revolutionize the way we used the home telephone has created a new product to change the way we use our cellular phones. For years customers have complained about dropped calls, high cellular rates, and the contracts that keep the average American in a plan they hate for fear of high penalty's. YMax Corp, the company behind Magic Jack has announced that a new device will change the way you use your cellphone for the better.

AT&T and T-Mobile customers will be thrilled to know that this new technology has been extensively tested on their phones. Sadly the new device will not work for Verizon Wireless or Sprint customers. I am sure as the technology evolves that an option will be available for customers with those carriers. If the technology can't be made to work on those phones a change of carrier may be in order.

Simply the device will save a customer who is receiving or placing calls in their home. This may also include customers that travel with a lap top and make frequent trips where internet access is available. Working just as the Magic Jack, that we are already familiar with, the device must be connected to your computer and the computer must be connected to the internet.

For a gadget that is the size of a deck of cards this device packs a powerful punch to the cellular carrier community. The device works as a personal cellular tower in the home with a range of 3,000 square feet; using radio waves in your home that aren't licensed. Who knew that a wireless spectrum license didn't extend into the home?

magic jack with cellphoneWith over 5 million sales of the former Magic Jack for land-line phones in the last two years Ymax Corp has extended its customer base to include more customers than the internet phone pioneer Vonage. I can only imagine that this new device will surpass the previous sale record as many consumers abandoned their land-line phone years ago.

For wireless customers looking to save some minutes the new Magic Jack will be available in 4 months. That means we should all be looking at those late night infomercials around April. It is reported that the device will sale in the $40.00 price range similar to the original Magic Jack's introductory price. The purchase price will include calls to the USA and Canada for one year and after that time period you will have a re-licensing fee. Typically that price has been a meager 19.99 a year or a discount if you renew your contract for 5 years.

The new Magic Jack was unveiled this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While on display the device was shown to make a receive calls on a visitors T-Mobile account. Imagine their surprise when no minutes were used for either the out going or incoming calls. Ymax CEO Dan Borislow affirms that the device will connect to any cellphone using the GSM standard, which includes AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

magic jack notebookTo use the new Magic Jack you would plug it into your computer similar to the original Magic Jack. The device will detect when a compatible cell phone comes with in 8 feet and places a call to it. The cellphone user then puts in a short code and the two devices are linked. As long as you are within the working range of the Magic Jack (3,000 sq. ft.) any calls placed or received from that phone will be routed over internet lines. This takes the call away from your cellular carriers lines and no minutes are subtracted from your account. Any fees that you would incur from international calls is subtracted from your Magic Jack account and not charged through your cellphone company. Imagine how popular you will be when your friends realize they can make free cellphone calls from your house.

The GSM Standard (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the most popular standard for mobile phones. The GSM Association attests that 80% of the global cellular market uses that standard. With over 3 billion people using this standard the Ymax technology has the ability to impact most cellphone users across the globe in a positive way.

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