Christmas is a time to brighten your home


Christmas is a time for frivolity and good cheer and at the same time to commemorate the birth of Christ although that was not his actual date of birth it was chosen to represent the solace of winter. Now it is traditionally celebrated on the 25th December in most countries although some celebrate on different dates. Yes that is why it is a time to remember and a time for celebration of his life.

If you are intending to celebrate then you may want to brighten your home up by adding an extra bit of light into your home this Christmas. Many of the older style homes are built without enough natural light.

This can often cause people to feel depressed when sitting in a darker room. Do not despair you can improve the lighting in a room, although some ideas are more expensive than others. You do not have to go out and wreck the wall and install a new window; the idea is to make your home brighter for Christmas by adding a fake window.

As you are creating this yourself, you do not need to go with the conventional square window. Why not try the large porthole look for a bathroom or a long narrow window higher on the wall for a games room. If it is high it will be less likely for anyone to notice it is a fake. Whatever you do it will change an otherwise dreary room into a room with character.

You can choose an ocean scene or a bush or forest view. Or you may wish to have it appear like a natural scene with your homes own surroundings. Whatever type of Cheap fake window scenes you choose, make it look unique.  One that your friends will both envy and admire.

The way you choose will depend on your financial situation and how much you want your fake window to look real. The cheapest idea is to either paint a window picture on your wall including the wooden frame. You can even glue a picture with the frame onto the wall. Then you can fix a curtain rod above the picture and add lace curtains, with the curtains tied back to view the window scene.

This will not add light to your room although it will create the illusion of a lighter room. If you need more light then fix a small LED light under the top of the curtain rod to make it look like sunlight shining through into the room. You could place a bookcase or coffee table in front of your new window to make it more natural.


Fake Real Wooden Window Frame

You can purchase an old window frame from the secondhand dealer. Take it home and repaint to suit the room colors. Choose a picture of your choice the same size as the window frame. Have hubby fix it to the wall and add your curtains just like you would a real window.

Open fake window look

You may want to have yours look like you have an open window. It will also give the impression that you are looking outside the room itself. Curtains can still be added to the subterfuge.

There are so many different types of these fake or faux windows for you to get different ideas of using

Window panes

Your window might look even better with the illusion of looking outside through small window panes. Whatever ideas you decide try, the room will look even brighter by adding an LED light under the curtain rod.

With a little effort on your part you can even make your home brighter this Christmas by adding a Fake Window in one or two days.

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