With divorce on the increase, it is time to get back to basics and pull out all the stops and discover ways to save your marriage. Let's face it, when we running around after children, dealing with the social and educational pressures of our offspring, ensuring that our bank accounts do not go into overdraft, and finding creative ways to feed the family, little time is left for love and romance. It is no surprise that so many marriages fail and it is no surprise that so many men and women, seek teh love that they are not receiving from their spouses elsewhere. My husband and I have been married for close on 17 years, we were married young, and we started out starey eyed and very much in love, but eventually, our marriage became mundane and boring and that initial spark fizzled out. I realized that something had to give and I needed to make my marriage work, not only for the sake of my children but more importantly for me!

In the midst of one of our many angry battles, I realized that I loved my husband with all my heart, but I had forgotten how to love, I had put our marraige on the back burner, in the hope that one day when I was ready, I would be able to reignite the passion. At that moment, I knew that I had to redesign my life, relook at my lifestyle and make drastic changes and I decided to reinvent myself. My husband and I began an exciting journey, where rather than sitting in front of the television after a hard day's work, we spent the hours talking. We began to rediscover each other, we were reminded of the reasons why we fell in love and we began to open up and express our feelings and emotions with honesty.

We are both passionate people, but somehow in between mowing the lawn, doing the laundry and running our children to their endless social obligations, we lost that passion. The best advice for a healthy marraige is to find that passion, try new things - we did. We arranged a sensual photo shoot, we began visiting adult shops, and we made time to spend alone and talk only of interesting and fun things. For those who are looking for love elsewhere - rather use your energy to save your marriage. Surprise your wife with a sexy text message, buy her flowers and ladies - show your man that he is the love of your life and give him all your attention and let him know exactly how you feel about him. I feel that we are laying the foundations for a healthy and sturdy marriage and we are taking the time to invest in our future and in our love for each other.