Make your Mum a Special Gift

Make your own personal Mother's Day gift this year and surprise her with your talents.


Every year we go through the same problem of trying to find the best personal gift for our special Mother. No we don't want to buy a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers we want it to be special, something for her to remember us for.





Anyone can run into the store and buy something off the shelf, like a lovely dressing gown and then a fluffy pair of matching slippers. Yes your mother would probably love them too. Think about it. Wouldn't she really love something that you made yourself for her with your own loving hands more so?






It need not be expensive. Why not start with a lovely handmade card? It would not be expensive and all you would need is:


·1 A4 sheet of colored cardboard

·Some Red fine satin ribbon

·Glue stick

·Shiny Red paper

·Colored texta for printing on card


How to make



Fold cardboard in half then fold again so it is folded twice.

With the folded edge on your left and opening on the right lay it flat

Find something solid to slide underneath the front page

Trace a heart shape in the center on the front

Cut that out and glue a square piece of the shiny red paper behind it

(Or you could color in a red heart and write a lovely message on it)

Tie two small red bows out of the ribbon and glue on the front

In neat printing write Happy Mother's Day on the front

Now in your best handwriting or printing write a lovely verse

inside, one that comes right from your own heart.




Tip: You could use any type of decoration; even glue pictures of roses or butterflies on the front or inside. Whatever you do it will still be special for your mum as you made it yourself.



Your mum would love this but what about a small gift to go with this.














Here are a few suggestions:

If you can sew or are good with your hands- make her a nice apron- crochet her a lovely doily – knit a small rug or a pair of slip on slippers. Cut some tea towels in half and crochet along the raw edge and put a hook in the center to hang it from.



Make her some fragrant candles – fragrant soaps, bath salts, or buy some chocolate moulds and make some special I love you chocolates.



If your mum is one of those that have everything, then why not cook something for her. I have told my kids not to buy me anymore ornaments or any dust harborers. In future, buy or make me things that I can either eat or drink. That way they will not be wasted.


You could also cook her a special dinner and have the family over.



Whatever you do I am sure she will appreciate this far more than anything you have ever bought for her, no matter how much you spent of the gift.



And above all enjoy the day with your mother as you never know how long she will be here for you.







Happy Mother's Day