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Makeup tools and brushes are very important to applying makeup and to look natural and professional. Any makeup artist will tell you the same thing. Makeup brushes are just as important as the makeup itself. Better quality brushes are worth the investment. Once you begin using good brushes you will feel the difference. Although they can be expensive, if you shop around you can find good priced brushes. 

When shopping for makeup face brushes here's a few things to consider:

  • The bristles should feel soft against your skin and not hard and scratchy.
  • It's important that the bristles are natural than synthetic bristles.
  • Run your fingers through the bristles and make sure the bristles don't fall out easy.
  • Brushes come in different handle lengths, hold the brush in your hand to see what length feels comfortable to you. The length is usually a preference.

Makeup Face Tools

Concealer brush- This makes is more easier to apply concealer and the brush can get into lines better. Concealer brushes are usually flat with an oval head and the bristles are a  light orange color.

Blush Brush- The wide rounded shape of the brush applies the powser with the perfect amount to give you a seamless natural looking color with just a few strokes. The width is perfect for cheek bones.

Eyebrow brush- Use a thin angled head brush to apply shadow to your eyebrows and to shape the brow. It gives a more natural soft look and offers you more control to make the perfect shape.

Eye-Shadow Brush- The small bristles fit perfect on the eyelid and it picks up the perfect amount of eyeshadow  for the lower lid. This brush gives you more control for applying shadow to the lid.

Eyeliner Brush- This is the easiest way to apply eyeliner for a perfect line. It works well with dry shadow or damp shadow for longer lasting wear.It also can get very close to the outline of the eye.

Eyeliner Smudger Brush- This is a wonderful tool to  apply shadow over your eyeliner to make the liner last longer. It also will smudge the eyeliner for a softer line. This brush makes it easy to give your eyes the smokey look.

Foundation Brush- Ideal for full coverage and a polished look. Can be used with liquid or cream foundations. A little practice may be needed to work with this brush.

Powder Brush- Can be used for mineral powder foundation as well. The tapered head makes it easy to apply powder to the face for an even, flawless finish. Powder brushes are usually used as the last step and helps to "set" the makeup". Always use the powder brush softly so you don't disturb your blush or bronzer.

Large Eye-Shadow Brush- The wide brush makes it easier to cover the entire lid quickly and used to apply the eyeshadow base. For a quick eyeshadow application, the large eye shadow brush would be most effective.

Brow Grooming Brush- This tooth-brush styled brush is used to brush the eyebrows for a polish look and will help you when you need to trim your eyebrows. Yes, many eyebrows need to be brushed especially if they are long. 

Makeup Tools of The Trade

In addition to makeup face brushes, these tools are also necessary  and widely used with makeup artists.

Makeup Sponge- You either love the sponges or not. They are ideal for blending foundation and cream foundations. The sponges come in different shapes, use the shape you feel comfortable with. Tip: you can also dampen the sponge for a sheer foundation, spreads the foundation easier and thinner.

Eyelash Curler- Some people cannot live without this. Use the eyelash curler before applying mascara. It curls the eyelashes. Choose a metal curler with rubber pads. Tip: When using a curler, squeeze gently, then release and squeeze, release again. This will give you a natural curl opposed to bending the lashes if you do one hard squeeze. Use a curler especially if your eyelashes grow straight out or downwards.

Tweezers- Keep tweezers nearby. They are great to pluck a wild hair or use for clean ups. Use angled metal tweezers that can grab fine hairs.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

With proper care makeup brushes can last a long time. Brushes should be washed regularly every two to three months. Sometimes, if you get a sudden breakout or bumps on your cheeks is an indicator that your blush brush needs to be cleaned. 

  1. Use a gentle shampoo or baby shampoo. Wet the brush with warm water and apply the shampoo to the bristles, use your fingers to work into the bristles. Rinse with warm water and dry on a towel. Make sure the bristles lay straight and flat.

Store your makeup brushes in a brush bag to keep the bristles protected and to ensure the bristles are laying flat. 

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