No Need to Spend Time Reapplying Makeup

Women are very particular about their looks. They are very conscious when it comes to their physical appearance. This is why make-ups and other products that beautify a person are very popular. In fact, there are no celebrities that come out in the public without wearing make-ups. I’m sure many of us have seen those tabloids when the “stars” were caught without makeup –those are the makings of some good blackmailing photos. Make-up makes one more attractive and help in giving emphasis on the most attractive part in a woman’s face. There are now lots of different types of make-ups. But the best seller is the make-up that does not easily wear off. This is very helpful for women who work all day and are too busy to fix up or re-apply make-up or women who like to work out in makeup. Color stay makeup is an essential part of your makeup kit.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner
This product comes in a liquid gel form. You are assured that it will stay even if you wear it the whole day. Eyeliners easily wear off, but this makeup will stay no matter activity you are in for the day. This comes in various colors like black ink, cobalt ink, granite ink, ivy shimmer ink, violet ink, mauve, caviar ink, chocolate shim, espresso ink, forest shimmer ink, graphite shimmer and mahogany ink.
Stila Long Wear Lip Color
This long wear lip color stays on your lips but keeps them in proper moisture. This should be applied using a lip brush to evenly color the lips. It stays on the lips even if you drink or wet your lips. With this product, you are assured to have that beautiful color on your lips the whole day. This comes in various colors like in the nude, coquette, daring, darling, exquisite, flushed, outrageous, paramour, rendezvous, serenade, treasure, adorable, exhilarating, intriguing, lover and phenomenal.
CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine
This lip shine is guaranteed to stay long on your lips. It is oil and water resistant. So even if you eat or drink, it does not wear off. It is easy to apply and will show no lumps or bubbles on your lips. It does not dry lips and keeps it shining all day. It can last for 10 hours on lips. It comes in colors carat ruby, antique rose, berries and cream, berry blast, bronze goddess, cabernet, candy apple, coral shimmer, glowing, mauve berry, mega watt mauve, party pink, plum pearl, power pink, rose quartz, sahara, nude, sleek suede and spring wine.
Dior Crayon Eyeliner – Waterproof
This eyeliner comes in pencil form. It is water resistant and has a long wearing formula. It will stay even if you cry or wash your face. This comes with a sharpener for easy use. It comes in colors captivating blue, intense brown and Trinidad black.
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow
This product provides a velvet smooth finish which you can apply with a brush or finger. It is formulated with stay-on true color and crease-free effect even if you wear it all day long. You can wear this even if you are wearing contacts lens. It is fragrance free and very hypoallergenic. It comes in colors like ballet pink, beach bronze, black pearl, bone, burnished, cement, galaxy, glacier, malted, orchid, sand dollar, sandy gold, slate, stone, Navajo, new heather, new platinum and new steel.



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