How many times have you reached for one of the your makeup products from your case and wondered when the last time that you used it was? Many women do use items often and therefor they tend to sit longer then they should. A little known secret to many is that makeup products do go bad. Depending on the type of cosmetic that it is, the expiration date can vary from a couple of months to a year.

Taking the time to sort through your makeup products now to see what has gone bad is going to save you from many headaches down the road. As items go bad, the color starts to change and the coverage that you can get from it too. As the age of the formula continues to grow, you can also see it causes breakouts and irritation to your skin. So before any of these things happen to you, lets take a look to see which of your makeup products have gone bad?


When you open up the compact or bottle, the firs thing that you are going to notice is the color of the item. If any part of the container has started to change color, it is past its expiration date. You buy makeup products because they are a certain color. The moment that the hue begins to change, you should throw it out.


This check to see if your makeup products have gone bad is especially important for liquids. You can start to see a separation of the oil or other ingredients from each other in a bottle when something needs to be throw out. For powders, you will find them to be crumbly when it is time for them to go.


If something smells bad, do not put it any where near your skin. The bad smell from your makeup products is probably being caused by bacteria that could end up irritating your skin and causing it to break out.

One Year

Any makeup products that you have had laying around for a year need to be thrown away immediately. There are almost no products out there that retain their quality past this time frame. If you love the color and formula, you can go out and replace it.

Cosmetics are there to help you to enhance the natural beauty that you already have. The last thing that you want to do is to apply makeup products that have gone bad to your skin and cause your skin to actually start to look bad when no beauty products are being worn.