How to apply make up for a natural look

Many women want to have that no-makeup look. They want that natural look and prefer not to wear heavy makeup, especially during the day. But the problem is most women do not know how to apply makeup for a natural look. So, they don’t wear any at all, or wear too much. It can be a little difficult for some people to achieve that subtle glow. Below are simple makeup steps and tips to help achieve a natural look.
Forego the foundation. Blend a little foundation just on problem areas to look polished and not made up. Or, you can use just a few drops of foundation and mix with a few drops of water, blend it together and apply to face for a light, sheer coverage.
  •  Tip:
Be careful with using just a concealer for problem areas. Concealers are usually light in color and meant to be used under a foundation. If used alone, it is noticeable and sometimes chalky. As well as using just a face powder, it can be too powdery and noticeable.
 Wear a natural tone blush or flesh colored blush and sweep from the apples of your cheeks to your temples. Apply blush lightly. This is just to give you some color. This step shouldn’t be skipped. A little bit of color on your cheeks livens your face and gives a glow.
  • Tip:
You can opt for a bronzer instead of blush. They are neutral pretty tones that look good on everyone and they give a natural sun kissed glow.
 Use eyeliner sparingly on the outer edges of your eye. Then blend in with a brush to soften the line. Use black or dark brown eyeliner. If you are trying to achieve a natural look, stray away from colored eyeliners such as blue or green. Do not use liquid eyeliner; use the pencil or stick eyeliners for a softer look.  Next, apply black mascara. Again, stray from the colored mascaras as well.
  • TIP
If you don’t want to use eyeliner at all, you can use a dark brown or black eye shadow instead and apply the shadow with a small brush, just a little bit will accent your eyes. Or, don’t use any eyeliner at all and make your mascara double as eyeliner by wiggling the wand at the base of your lashes so it touches the lash line. This is a popular trick to do, especially if you are in a hurry.
Always make sure your eyebrows are groomed. If you have thin sparse eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow just to lightly fill in the sparse areas. Use short strokes. Be careful not to over do it. You don’t need to fill in the entire brow, just the sparse areas.
  • TIP
The eyebrow pencil should be as close as your eyebrow hair as possible. If the pencil is too dark or too light, it will be noticeable.
Use a neutral or light color sheer lipstick or balm. Glosses are okay, but not too shinny, frosty or sparkly especially if you’re going for the natural look.  You just want a little color on your lips and make sure they are moist.
  • Tinted lip balms work great, they have a light sheer color plus they moisturize your lips at the same time.
With these makeup steps you should be able to attain a natural look, or a no-makeup look. If you’re in a rush, pick at least 1 or 2 of the above steps to apply. Mascara is always a quick go to choice because it makes your eyes and eyelashes stand out. If you want to wear just a little more makeup in the evening, then just apply a little more eyeliner or mascara and change your lipstick.
Additional Tips:
Five Beauty habits that are worth getting into
1.    A groomed eyebrow can open your eyes and frame your face. Most eyebrows need to be waxed or tweezed. Eyebrows should be maintained at least every 4-6 weeks.
2.   Get rid of any lip hair, whether you wax, tweeze or bleach. Moustaches are only for men.
3.   Keep nails manicured always. Please no chipped nail polish. Even if it’s a quick do it yourself manicure. Remove nail polish, file nails, moisturize hands and re-polish. If you don’t have time to get manicures, keep a manicure kit at home. That way your nails look “polished” all the time. Same rules apply for your feet. Pedicures are essential especially during the summer. Manicured toes always look great in sandals.
4.   Loofah or exfoliate skin. A must! This should become a part of your bathing ritual and skincare regimen. Your skin will always be smooth, soft and never dull.
5.    Body Lotion!! Keep your body moisturized.

Makeup Steps

How to apply makeup for a natural look