When it comes to the world of beauty and makeup tips, it seems that the terrain is always changing. Every day, we can log into the Internet and see that something is the newest, hottest thing since sliced bread. If we were to believe everything that the experts tell us, we should be purchasing new cosmetics at least once a week to keep up with these trends.

While I am all about keeping an eye out for what is hot, I believe that many people have forgotten some of the basics when it comes to makeup tips. They run from one hot thing to the next in the hopes of being the next trend setter. It is time to stop and get back to basics. Here are some simple do's and don't's that are going to have you looking great no matter what your plans are.


Try out new things when they truly appeal to you. Cosmetics were meant to be experimented with. If you are walking through your favorite beauty department and are drawn to the newest color or formula of some item, feel free to get it and add it to your routine. You do not have to keep the same look through out your life. Evolving with the things that you love is something that everyone should remember.

Use the best products for you. If something works for you then keep using it. Just because the cosmetic expert on TV or on your favorite blog tells you that the newest formula by X company is the best thing, it honestly might not be for you. Makeup tips should always be bent to your specific needs and desires.

One of the best makeup tips that I have ever gotten was from a makeup artist that I knew well. She told me to include one new trendy item per season into my tried and true beauty kit. This way, I would feel like I was keeping up with what was hot but not look like I was chasing after every fad that hit the market.


Do not try some new cosmetic product just because the hottest celebrity of the moment is. She probably has a different skin tone and type from you. This difference alone can have a drastic difference on how something will look on you.

If something that you have purchased to try out does not work, do not keep using it. You might have wanted to try the hot trend of a red lipstick. However once you got it home and put it on, the look that you achieved was less then favorable. At this point it is better to either give the product to a friend or throw it out then to try to force a trend on yourself that just does not work.

Makeup tips and trends are always changing. Today you might here that sheer is in and tomorrow the experts will be talking about bold colors. Just remember to keep these simple do's and don't's in mind and you will be sure to look your best whenever you step out of the house.