How To Look Younger With Makeup

There are some tricks of the trade that can help you wipe away the years. As we get older we discover things begin to fall and fade. Make up can make a tremendous difference to the beauty woes that we encounter as we get older.  The trick is to lift and add life back to your face with the right textures, colors and techniques. Makeup when applied correctly can enhance your beauty that's already there and at the same time cover or hide any blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots or redness. Makeup can make our skin look more radiant. Below are some tips on how to look younger with makeup.

Makeup To Look Younger Tips

Prep the Skin and Lay The Foundation

  1. First and foremost before applying makeup your skin should be well hydrated. Makeup will always look better on hydrated moisturized skin. If your skin is unclean, dry and flaky, the makeup may enhance that as well. Plus, makeup is easier to apply on clean moist skin. Moisturizers also help plump the skin so fine lines will look less obvious.
  • To diminish fine lines around the eyes, apply a quick absorbing eye cream, then apply a hydrating face moisturizer. Tip: A rich face balm lightly dabbed under your eyes, near you high cheek bone will give a subtle glow. Layering the moisturizer will give the skin a plumped-up, dewy look

2. Use a concealer under the eyes to lighten the dark circles. Make sure you apply the concealer as close to your lashes as possible. Bring the concealer into the inner corners of your eye sockets. Using a pink or peach toned concealer is often the best. Tip: Applying concealer on the hollow inner sides of the nose, the spot next to the eye sockets will open up your eyes and make them look brighter and awake. 

3. Apply a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers are a great alternative if you don't want to wear foundation. After you apply the tinted moisturizer apply a small amount of foundation on parts of the face where the skin is uneven; like around the nose, mouth and sides of face where the skin often has redness. Tip: The best way to even out your skin tone is using a tinted moisturizer or foundation. Make sure the product you use matches your complexion.

4. Use a bronzer on the cheeks to counteract sallow skin. Brush the bronzer lightly on your forehead, nose area. Bronzers look  natural  and gives you a natural sun kissed glow.

 Now that your skin looks flawless and smooth, its time to move on to the fun part and lift the features.

5. Softy fill in the sparse areas of your eyebrows with a soft eyebrow pencil or shadow. This creates a natural shape and lifts your eyes.

6. Use a natural bone or light shadow dusted all over the lid and taupe or darker eyeshadow on the lower lid and a soft contour shadow applied to the sides of the eyelid crease. This will lift your eyes as well and give them definition. Light colors will brighten the eyes. Tip: Use a lighter color on the top eyelid and a darker shade on the lower lid.

7. After the eyeshadow, Use a eyeliner to softly line your upper lid and the eye corners. This will make your eyes stand out and appear bigger and brighter. When lining the eyes, extend the liner just a tad bit longer at the outer corner of the eye. Make sure the line is thick enough and visible when your eyes are open. Eyeliner on the bottom of your eye is optional, you can also opt for using a dark eyeshadow instead of a pencil.

8. Finish your eyes with black mascara to bring out and enhance your lashes. At least two coats of very black mascara.

9. For a pop of color, apply a blush high on the apples of your cheeks. Use a blush in the rose or pink family for a dewy glow.

10. The last step is to apply a lipstick, lip pencil and lip gloss.  Color and shine on your lips make your teeth look whiter, and your lips and smile stands out. It gives the final touches to a polished look.

Final tips on Makeup to look younger:


Blush makes the cheeks pop, it looks pretty and brightens the face. Powder blush is the easiest to work with and cream blush will give a more subtle glow. Choosing the right color is essential. Here is a blush guide to help you to find the most flattering shade.

If you are:

  • Porcelain complexion Pale pink or pastel apricot
  • Fair complexion sandy pink
  • Medium complexion Tawny brownish pink
  • Tan complexion Deep brownish rose
  • Olive complexion Plum, golden brown or deep rose
  • Dark complexion - Dark or deep bronze or deep red

After applying blush, dust a shimmering powder high on the cheekbones, this will add a natural glow to your cheek bones. 

Age Spots or Sun Spots

Age spots and sun spots can be covered with makeup. Use a creamy concealer that is lighter than your skin tone and apply to the area, then dab a little foundation on it and the spot will disappear.

Deep wrinkles on the forehead and around eyes

Using makeup on your eyes and playing them up with eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, will divert the attention to your eyes and not the wrinkles. They will appear less noticeable.

Sagging Jaw Line

Use a large brush and dust bronzer over the jawline to help give it a lift and soften the area. Playing up your eyes with makeup will also divert the attention away from the jawline.

Foundation Tip

If you don't like wearing foundation or never wore foundation before, when you are older and notice changes to your skin and want younger looker skin, then start using foundation. This is the single best tip to help skin look younger, it covers redness, spots and fine lines.  Find a foundation that feels good on your skin. You don't need too much, a little goes a long way.

Makeup tips

Makeup tips for younger skin