A make up vanity table is a great option if your family is always fighting over the bathroom in the morning. It can also create an entire storage area for makeup. It can even have dual functions to it such as using it as a desk.

One thing that you might want to look for is an entire set. You can make a vanity table with a mirror and bench. The other really interesting part of this style is that it can really look like a basic console table or even just a simple desk during the rest of the day. This can be one of your least expensive versions because it doesn't have to have a wall mirror with it. In this case it's just going to incorporate a lift top style. Really the entire top can lift up to reveal a mirror or only a small section of the table may do this. This is really going to allow you to have extra storage space for all of your cosmetics beneath the mirror.

This is also going to be one of your sleeker design styles. The other really great option is to go with a mirrored vanity table. This is something we see a lot of in furniture right now. These smaller pieces are going to be one of your least expensive options for mirrored furniture. It's also going to allow you to bring in furniture that doesn't necessarily match with a lot of the pieces that you already own. It's great for small spaces because the mirrored design does reflect so much light.

You can also really look for DIY projects. This could just be a basic desk that you turn into a vanity table. You could try skirting it. Go with a really pleated skirt. Usually these kinds of pieces are going to be quite dated. However, you can keep it opulent by going with a faux satin kind of material. It doesn't even have to have it print on it. Then you could just hang a mirror on the wall or just use a basic hand mirror. This can be a true vintage piece as well.

You can also really make a focal point of this piece. This is perfect if you are in love with the rest of your bedroom furniture and you just want to bring in a new wood tone. You can use different wood tones whether you have a painted furniture set or just a white furniture set. You need to remember to keep within the same silhouette. In this case, you could just try going with more of the vintage Art Deco kind of design style. This will probably have subtle curves to it and inlays as well, although it will be pretty expensive if you buy it in new condition. However, if you get a slightly damaged piece at a thrift shop you could paint it to really just go with a distressed look.