manscaraMakeup for Men or Manscara a Sign of Being Gay?

Cosmetics for men is gaining ground and are beginning to take care of themselves just like women have been doing for so many years. Fashion and what is fashionable can be interesting and confusing. What used to be fashionable and of good taste some years ago is no longer the same. There are those who swear by what they consider to be retro fashion. That is like going back in time and trying to relieve the good old days. That being said, what about manscara or cosmetics for men? That has raised a few questions and here are some answers.

Question: In today's metrosexual world, you can do whatever you want. Cosmetics is part of everyday life and they can be bought everywhere. There are cosmetics Mascaras or manscara for men, is this a sign of homosexuality?

Answer: Why will a man want to wear manscara or mascara? There is nothing preventing a man from wanting to look good and pamper himself. It is not common for the so called modern men to use cosmetics like mascara or manscara. That is why it can be strange to see a man wearing cosmetics mascaras or manscaras. That being said, there are homosexual men who wear mascaras or manscara like the famous Boy George. Cosmetics mascara or manscara is not a sign of homosexuality. That is because not all homosexual men wear cosmetics mascara or manscara and there are some straight men who like to put on cosmetic mascaras or manscaras.

Question: There is so much confusion at the moment in the world. You have heard about the so called cosmetic mascara or manscara for men. Is it wrong for a man to wear cosmetics like mascaras or manscaras?

Answer: The answer to this question will depend on your background and upbringing. Most people with religious beliefs feel that a man should not wear any form of cosmetics mascaras or manscara. They feel there should be a border between what is considered masculine or feminine. In today's world, a man wearing cosmetics mascara or manscara is associated with trying to be effeminate or homosexuality. In the days of European kings, most upper class men actually wore cosmetics mascara or manscaras as they are now called. It was normal and it was fashionable for those men to put on cosmetics mascaras or manscaras. Times have changed and some people with religious beliefs do feel it is wrong whilst others don't really care.

Question: Parenting is a difficult task. Children and mostly teenagers have a way of putting parents to the test. Should you be worried if your teenage son wants to put on cosmetics mascara or manscaras?

Answer: Well, you will be worried if your son decides to start using cosmetics mascaras or manscaras. As a parent, you have raised your children to be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Part of what is wrong will be for a male to dress like a woman and put on cosmetics mascaras or manscaras. Who decided that it is wrong and cosmetics and mascaras are for women? Society has decided that is the way things are and when your son decides to cross the border, you will of course be worried. It might just be a teenage phase or it might be that your son trying to imitate Russell Brand. It is very uncommon for teenage boys to wear cosmetics mascaras or manscaras hence, you have every reason to be worried.