Making money on the internet is not that easy as one might want to think. If one writes 'making money on the internet' on the popular Google or Yahoo search engine and clicks it , s/he will likely to get about a million responses. Out of these responses 90 % percent of the sites are scam. Only 10% will be genuine. These genuine sites have some things in common and from the very outset you can tell they are legitimate sites that pay for quality work submitted by users. Some of the things that you can tell whether they are legitimate are; they are free. They allow subscribers to join for free. The users work to earn some legitimate money. Different sites prescribe different types of work. The writing sites are popular for this. They allow their members to write good, informative and new articles for their readers. As readers read their article the website owners pay a portion of the earnings from these published articles to the writers.

These websites pay around 1 cent per every three clicks on an article. This is very good money if you are luck to write good search engine friendly articles and can command a good income per day. People who make good residual money from writing cannot emphasize enough than to say work hard and write quality articles for people to come back to your articles. The more you write, the more money you likely to make. Some of these websites are Associate Content, Triond, Bukisa, Red Cage, and Suite 101 etc. They are many more on the internet. If you can write well and who can think creatively of new ideas to share with people, you can take advantage of the opportunities provided by them. Ehow.Com is the most popular site and is open only to US residents to share their knowledge of how to do something and earn money.

The other writing websites operate a similar way, but they do not pay writers directly like some named above. They have arrangements with Google Adsense, Amazon, Chitika and other advertising companies where these companies place their advertisements on the page. When a reader reads the articles and clicks on advertisements placed on the pages, the writers are given a portion of the income generated by the company. You can make very good passive income by just writing very good quality articles and publish them in those sites. Each site has specific terms and conditions you must read properly and understand them before you sign with them.

Some of these sites are,, Hubpages, Info and many more. So far as I know, GYZN pays, 90% of royalties back to the writers, Info Barrel, around 80%, Hub Pages pays its writers 60%. Before you get any money, you need to open an account with adsense. Adsense will pay you once you reach $100 and beyond every second month by check. These sites do not pay you direct. Adsense or Anazon or Chitiki pays you for they placed advertisements in your page. Adsense is the most common and popular one that pays. It is a sure way because Google is a huge company and can pay you. You receive check and it is open for writers all over the world to make money from internet.

Some things new writers need to look out for are residential requirement and method of payment. Nearly all payments are made through Paypal, the most common internet money. If you are non US resident, you make sure Paypal is operated in your country. If Paypal is not operating in your country be sure there is an alternative for the site to pay you. If not, you are unluckily to be paid so you might as well choose another site. Some sites only allow US, UK, Canada, and Australian residents. It is a waste of time to work with a site which will not pay you. It is also advisable to only work with two to three sites at a time and get the best out of these sites instead of signing up with many sites and not doing any work with them. Earning passive income by writing articles online is a sure way and also a pastime that turns hobby into money that can pay your bills.