The road to a monthly adsense payout may seem overwhelming to the new writer. Sure, it is easy to read forums and see people posting their earnings and still have doubts if YOU can do it. Well, as any committed writer on Infobarrel will tell you, you can and will if you just stick with it. It is a common phenomenon for many writers to piece together a dozen or so articles, submit them, do no promotional work or further writing and then become disappointed and quit when they are not generating hundreds of dollars a month.

Many people refer to content writing as Passive Income, but it is anything but passive! The best writers work diligently to promote and increase their knowledge in all areas of online writing to boost earnings continually. $100 a month is only the start. The sky is the limit. Infobarrel already boasts several writers that are approaching $1000 a month! Incredible! One step at a time. So how do you get to that monthly adsense payout? Write, write, write! Constantly! Seems obvious right? It is and isn't. It must be done in the proper way.

The $100 Rule of Thumb

In tracking my own earnings and the earnings of several influential members of Infobarrel and Hubpages, the magic number seems to be around 150 articles. This means that for many people during the same month that they publish their 150th article is the same month that they make $100 for the month. There are, of course, outliers. There are writers that are very good at Search Engine Optimization and reach that tier quicker. There are other writers who take the construction worker approach: if you ask every random woman out with a wolf-whistle and shout, odds say eventually one will say yes. These writers just crank out volume and hope for the best. For many that do not use SEO techniques it will take far more than 150 articles. The 150 Rule is based upon a person that is not an expert, but willing to do some basic keyword research, writes about a lucrative topic that they can rank for in Google and that writes at a smooth, even pace to allow their articles time to mature. This writer should also be willing to backlink and continue to learn. And remember this is $100 in a single month. Along the way you will probably have already received one or two payouts of $100 each. So what are the steps exactly?

Beginning the Journey

An adsense account is needed. If you do not already have one, the best approach is to set up a free blog at Google's Blogger. It can be about any topic. Publish some entries and then apply for an adsense account. Once you are approved then register with Infobarrel if you haven't already. This is a referral link to register with Infobarrel. Why Infobarrel? It has a 75% adsense share with monthly contests that can increase your share to 90%. Many people are confused by revenue sharing and think the percentage is based on money. It is actually based on time. The basic rate means that 75% of the time your article is viewed it will have your adsense ads displayed. This can increase to 90% of the time. The user still has to click an ad to earn you income, but your chances greatly increase the more your ad is displayed. Other sites are as low as 50% to 60%. It makes a big difference! Plus Infobarrel is still a young site, but growing rapidly. The administration is helpful and it is a great time to get your material on board.

The next step is to commit to writing. Try for an article a day. Your first 10 submissions must be approved manually by the admin, but afterwards they go live immediately. An article a day may seem hard, but it is a good pace. I work 40+ hours a week and was taking 9 hours of college courses when I started and still managed to keep to roughly an article a day pace. It will mean sacrifice, but it will pay off in the end. Trust me, the reruns of Family Guy or Seinfeld will still be there months from now. Cut out needless activities and work on articles whenever you can. The article a day approach works great, too, because your articles will age and mature. By the time you are ready for that 150th article, your catalog will be several months old and some clear earning winners will start to emerge. There are a few writers on Infobarrel that are so quick that they generated 150 articles in just a couple of months but did not hit a monthly $100 payout. Will they soon? Absolutely!! The newness of their content meant many are probably still shuffling around Google waiting for a permanent placement. Traffic takes time.

Don't just randomly write, though. Search Infobarrel for articles about keyword research. There is software you can buy, but it is possible to do good research using Google's Adwords Keyword Tool. You can find much information about how to use this tool. Many writers have a simple technique. If they search Google with an "allintitle" search and the hits come back less than a 1000 it is probably worth considering. This means in Google's search box type allintitle: your phrase here and see how many results hit. Obviously, low results do not guarantee a good keyword, but it helps. Traffic is the key. It also has to be a phrase people are looking for. Before you write a single article, spend days doing nothing but trying to understand keywords and how to choose them. Many of my earliest articles will probably never earn anything because they were not based on good (or any) keyword! Don't make that same mistake. Work smarter not harder. It is also important to understand how to use the keyword once you have it. Using synonyms and understanding keyword density is important for ranking in the search engines. Too many uses or too few will make a difference. Again, this will take some time.

Once you are comfortable writing an article a day, keep this up for two months or more. At this point, it should be obvious which articles are earning and which ones are drawing traffic. Another rule of thumb for most people is 80% of income is derived from 20% of articles. Along with writing, now is the time to focus on backlinking your good articles. Learn the difference between dofollow and nofollow links. This forum topic lists many dofollow sites that pay. There are some great nofollow sites that pay as well. Commit to doing 5 backlinks a day. This may include some short articles at some article directories. The key to earning more is drawing traffic. The best retail store in the world will not sell a single item without customers. You may write a fantastic article, but if no one sees it than it might as well be in the garbage can in your office. Along with backlinking, it is important to interlink your related Infobarrel articles. Anything you can do to draw and keep viewers will benefit your earnings.

Keep Learning!
Getting to $100 a month is only the beginning. There are so many ways to monetize. Register with Chitika to make more money. Use Amazon or Commission Junction to promote and sell products. Keep your ear out for new techniques. Do not be afraid to post questions on the forum. New users are amazed at how friendly and helpful the Infobarrel community is. Everyone wants you to succeed. Stay motivated. Many of the writers here share success stories. Try these for motivation:

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Also consider Howie and Jason's Infobarrel Success ebook. It has helped many writers on the road to higher earnings. Both Howie and Jason are doing incredibly well on Infobarrel.

Stay focused. It will be frustrating to write day after day and see nothing except one or two cents in your account. All of these successful people above started out in the exact same spot with the exact same daily penny or two myself included. Now they are top earners. Here was my first month on Infobarrel. You can be a member of the unofficial $100 a Month Club on Infobarrel. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Everyone is knowledgeable about something. Share your experiences, expertise and passions with the world and get paid for it!