Adorning a Chewbacca costume for the Halloween costumes party can be interesting. The Chewbacca costumes are sold in the Halloween stores worldwide. You can be unique among the crowd. Doing something usually which is not done by others, gives immense satisfaction and pleasure. The Chewbacca costumes are available in all sizes and prizes and fits wonderfully. But to add to the thrill of the Halloween celebrations, you can create your own Chewbacca costumes at home. But it takes a lot of patience. It is an expensive indulgence and is time consuming. It is not something that can be made over night. If you plan to adorn the Chewbacca costume this Halloween you have to plan it in advance.

The materials required for making the Chewbacca costume are a latex kit, canine fangs, and contact cement. You can start by purchasing some Chewbacca hair needed for the entire costume. The hair should be medium or light brown, and some hairs that are dark grey in color. The quantity of the hair purchased should be such that the entire back portion of the costume is covered with grey hair and the brown hair can be added in stripes to the grey hair. The remaining hair can be stuck onto the thighs, knees, upper chest, shoulders, and the back of the head.

The hair should be attached to the shirt and pants made from army camouflage netting. The shirt must be beyond your knuckles so that the hair can cover your hands. The netting can be sewed to the bottom to a pair of pants that should have buttons, belt loops, and a zipper. The hair can be attached with a latch hook. This is done so that it doesn't fall out as soon as you are ready. The hair can be brushed once it is perfectly attached to the entire suit, including the hands and the feet.

Gloves can be purchased for the hands. Black cotton gloves can be easily got for a cheaper price at any merchandise store. These usually work well with the costume if you are having hair on your hands. The feet can be done with upholstery foam. The foam should be glued to the shoes. Several layers of latex liquid can be used to make the feet resemble Chewbacca's feet. They should be painted and dried. You can make some replica of it's claws using the foam.

You can make a face mask. The help of some friends can be sought. Get a special effects kit for making the mask. Some canine like teeth for the fangs can be bought. Hair can be glued to the head and the hair around the eyes holes need to be trimmed for you to see. Good Luck!