If America is the richest county, why does it need to be become rich again?

The Paradox Of America

Here is the problem, We are the richest country, but we also have the most debt and the highest expenditures. All this debt and high spending makes us one of the most cash strapped country's in the world, due to the to financial obligations we have. Sure we can pour money into a project, at the cost of sacrificing something else, or piling on so much debt our economy collapses. But if you look past all the money we have on paper and look at our debt and what we are spending, many would call us broke.

We are feeling the financial strain, and yet we are supposed to be the richest country. There is something wrong with that picture. We are the richest country but we are also broke by some people terms. We need to fix that, we need to fix our country, and that is what this page is about. Fixing the greatest country in the world. We will discover the secret to restoring our real wealth here on this page.

The Secret To Making America Rich Again.

How to fix things, means understanding the problems so they can be repaired.

So we want to make things better, right?   Well first we need to understand how things got so screwed up in the first place. Then we need to work on fixing them or getting around them with an alternative plan and method.

Lets Take a look at some of the many problems we are facing, and keep in minds they often need a deeper look and more then just a casual solution.

  •  America has used up many of its popular resources, we used to be the biggest producer of many wanted materials and goods, such as oil and iron. Other country's have now out paced us. Resulting in less money flowing into America from outside sources, as well has less jobs for its work force and less people getting rich.
  • America has a high cost of labor, as its people typically demand or are required to have a higher then normal minimum wage and benefits, as well as more safety precautions to deal with and pay for. Costs of paying workers is one of employers highest expenses, and other country's workforces are willing to work much cheaper. Cheaper workers mean cheaper costs and thus they can offer cheaper products in many cases. The world likes cheap products and that's why so many jobs are going to outside sources, as well as many businesses.
  • Americas Expenses are very, very high.  10 years ago the United States was half the words military budget all by its self, and right now the U.S makes up about 40% of the worlds military budget , even though we are only a fraction of the words population. And that's only one of our amazingly high costs we have to deal with. We are spending so much money the world is looking at us like we are a supper star dropping hundred bills on what ever we want.  But we are stretching our self's thin, too thin.

 So, we are spending money like crazy.

 we are running out of resources that the world wants. the type of resources that makes jobs and brings in money from outside the country to add to our own.

other country's are willing to work cheaper and getting the work.

our own country is sending jobs over seas to make cheaper products for us, meaning less jobs for us and we send our money to another country. so not only do we get more poor and another country more rich, but we are not spreading the wealth that the CEO's are making to other americans through jobs.





How to use what we know to find out how we can make out situation better.

Forming a plan as to how America can be made truly rich again.

Now that we have a handle on some of the major problems we face, lets see if we can figure out to reverse or resolve them. Keep in mind we must at many view points and also realize there are usually deeper issues then what a simple answer may call for. Everything must be taken into account.