Christmas Greetig Cards


If you have an artistic flair, you can make your own Christmas Greeting cards and even personalize them with a message. You could even get your kids to draw and color a winter scene and make it into a Christmas postcard. This is a fun project for you or as a family project.



It's really quite easy to do. Once you have a good Christmas scene on paper, you just need to scan the original and save it in your documents.



Begin by drawing a winter scene of some kind or any kind of Christmas scene. Make sure you draw lightly with pencil so it will not show on the painting. Watercolor works well as the paper is thin enough to scan. Painting on canvas won't do as it will be hard to get a good scan. If you can't come up with a scene in your mind, go through your old Christmas photos, so you can design one from a photo.



The best size to paint is no bigger than you scanner size. Make sure you sign the painting as artists generally do.


The best way to paint a good painting for this project is to not rush it and even when you're finished the painting, let it sit for a day. Your perspective changes when you take your time with a painting. You will either really love it or decide it needs some changes like some extra detail.

Don't settle for an average painting for your Christmas post card. It's much better to take your time with it and do your best work.


Once you have your painting completed and it is completely dry, you can put in the words. Make sure you sign the painting at the bottom.

You will need a program with some paint shop capabilities but nothing elaborate. Scan your picture and save it. Then open it up in your paint shop program. Choose your color and either freestyle or anyway you prefer, apply your greeting on the card. Be careful not to cover up anything important on the painting. Make the message short and sweet, like Merry Christmas or A very Merry Christmas.

If you have the time you could actually do several designs to make a variety of Christmas greeting cards. These paintings do not have to be elaborate but just with some detail here and there.

After you are done, you can frame the painting and hang it for Christmas.