Making your own bubbles is really easy, and fun for kids. As you probably know, bubbles are a favorite toy of younger kids. You'll enjoy watching your child make the bubbles, and you'll also enjoy saving a few bucks, along with saving a trip to the store. It's a free recipe, and you can make it with the kids, so they have even more fun. Making bubbles is one of the easiest things to do. Give it a try, you'll like it.

What you need:

  • 4 cups water

  • 1/2 cup white sugar

  • 1/2 cup liquid soap

  • food coloring (optional)

The first step to making your own bubbles is to round up the ingredients. Food coloring is optional, as there are so pros and cons to it. Of course, the colored bubbles are kind of fun, but they stain clothing. Just use appropriate caution.

Place the water into a large bowl and add the sugar. Stir the water and sugar until completely dissolved. You may want to use a blender, it makes quick work and fully dissolves the sugar. It's really more of a personal choice than anything. In addition, warm water will dissolve the sugar a little faster, so if time is a concern, use warmer water to make bubbles.

After you've dissolved all the sugar into the water, it's time to add the liquid soap. You can use any brand or scent you want, it really doesn't matter. I would simply make bubbles with whatever you already have at the house.

After adding the soap, mix thoroughly, but slowly. Do not use the a blender or mixer for this step. If you mix too rapidly it will foam up and make a mess. It's normally best to use a fork or spoon. It doesn't take too long to completely mix, so time is not a big factor with this one.

Add food coloring (optional). It's best to use non staining food coloring. This is available at most stores, but it's sometimes hard to find.

Use a bubble wand to dip into the mixture and blow. If you don't have a bubble wand, you can use almost anything with a hole in it. Shape a clothes hanger for big bubbles. Experiment a bit, many items will work as a makeshift bubble wand.

  • Use outside, especially with a light wind.

  • Try making larger batches and shaping a wire coat hanger for huge bubbles. Gets a lot of laughs from the young ones.

  • Food coloring may stain clothing, or just about anything else. Even the non-staining types may cause some minor staining.

  • Do not allow your child to swallow the bubble mixture.