What you’ll need:

Chilled cake balls (see Making Cake Pops- part 1)

50- Lollypop sticks- 6 inch preferred but any size will work

Candy Melts (2- 16 oz bags)

Small microwave safe bowl

Foam board (2 inches thick, 12 x 18 inches)

Any sprinkles or other candy topping



Use a lollypop stick to make holes in your foam board 2 inches apart.  Don’t punch the stick all the way through, about ¾ of an inch should be enough.

Make sure you have all your supplies ready for dipping before you start.  Once you dip a pop the coating dries fairly quickly.  Have your sprinkles or other candy decorations open and ready to go.

  1. Use a small microwave safe bowl that is fairly deep, at least 3 inches.  You don’t want your bowl to be too wide because you’ll need more candy to make the candy deep enough to dip the pop.  I prefer a glass bowl because it holds the heat.  I also only melt one bag at a time.  Put the candy in the microwave on 50% power for 30 seconds (directions for melting are also on the bag).  You will continue to do this until the melts are melted almost completely.  Make sure you stir each time.  You don’t want to overheat your melts, it could affect the color and thin the coating too much.  When you think you’re at your final time for melting set out 8-10 cake balls for dipping. (I recommend letting your cake balls come to room temperature for 3-5 minutes before you dip them.  If they are too cold your candy coating will crack.  If they become too warm they will fall apart during the dipping.  If you find they’ve sat out too long you can just put them back in the refrigerator or freezer.) 
  2. Take a lollypop stick and dip it in the candy coating about an inch up the stick then stick the cake ball on the stick where you just dipped it.  Make sure you only put the stick about half way into the cake ball.  Then dip the entire ball straight down into the candy coating until you can’t see cake anymore.  You can rotate the cake ball a little from side to side to make sure it’s all coated.  Pull the cake pop straight out of the candy coating and begin to slowing twirl the stick so that the excess coating falls off.  Tap gently on your wrist with your opposite hand as you twirl.   Don’t bang the stick on the side of the bowl that may make your cake ball come off.  You can also gently shake your cake pop to smooth out the candy coating.  Remember this should be done quickly before the coating hardens.  If you want to add sprinkles do so now before the coating hardens.  Place the cake pop in your foam board to dry and repeat with the next cake ball.  Add candy coating and melt as you run out.  You can store any leftover melted candy coating in an airtight container in a cool dry place to use again.
  3. Your cake pops will last about 7 days unrefrigerated (either in an airtight container or individually wrapped) if you used a premade cake mix.  If you baked a cake from scratch you will want to refrigerate your pops for storage.   If you freeze them you will want to put them in the refrigerator to thaw so they don’t condensate inside of the bags. 

 As with most things, your cake pops get better with practice.  Try different cake flavors and color coatings

4th of July Cake Pops

4th of July Cake PopsCredit: DpDiamond85Credit: DpDiamond85

Baseball Cake Pops

Baseball Cake PopsCredit: DpDiamond85Credit: DpDiamond85

Cake pop birthday arrangement

Cake pop birthday arrangementCredit: DpDiamond85Credit: DpDiamond85