For as long as anyone can remember the greatest treasure and gift to humanity has always
 been a vortex. This vortex is where we make common sense more common. All information is stored & transformed in order to give thoughts a location to travel anywhere imagination can exists. In this article you will not just learn how to build a rapport. You will also remember the 3 senses to make common sense more common.

When it comes to building a vortex you need to know some information. That information is content and it exists on all 3 levels of time known as the past, present and future. Depending on your present location your vortex of information will be based on the past or future. An example of the Past Vortex would be when Common Sense becomes Uncommon Sense or Rare Sense for that matter. This happens if you are looking for people to support you and you want to find at least 6 to 12 people.

Once a group is established they become aware of the Majority and Minorities. Communication becomes synchronized and fairly easy to understand. This location is referred to as the Future Vortex or Sync Sense. 

1st VortexCredit: Made with Photoshop by @PinewoodPaladinRapport has been defined as when two or more people feel that they are in sync or on the same wavelength because they feel similar or relate well to each other. My interpretation of this definition is the definite we define gives us infinite subscribers. Vortexes are made to attract attention, transform common sense from being rare sense into synchronize sense. Information is usually kept by minorities and the truth is the majority want to share information but they need to ask for permission. Remember this for your future…if one side resist and another persist consider synchronizing sense both sides into vortex.This may sound simple because I took my time to write this but rest assure the process to remember this information requires an enormous amount of energy. More importantly this information is written to readers who emotions are seeking mindful information rather than mindless information.

Feel free to utilize this chart to make common sense more common.  Where do you stand on common sense? (Past...Present or Future?)

Past…Present…and Future Vortexes

Rare Sense

Common Sense

Sync Sense

Looking for Support

Building Rapport

Established Rapport





Rare Sense (Minority are aware)

Common Sense (Majority is aware)

Sync Sense (Aware of both Majority and Minority)