Here is an easy DIY craft for making customized Christmas ornaments using simple supplies and recycling paper from old Christmas bags or boxes. Using this basic plan it is possible to make customized ornaments of different sizes and styles. This method of making paper ornaments can even be used as a kids craft or a classroom craft because of the simple shapes and methods that are used.

Supplies that will be needed for these paper ornaments include: A pencil for tracing shapes, an approximately 2 inch round item like a lid for tracing circles, scissors, decorative paper and adhesive. The paper needs to be fairly stiff like that used to make foldable shirt boxes or heavier paper bags and it only needs to be colored on one side. Consider the color so the custom ornaments will match other Christmas decor. Metalic papers will make ornaments that shine and reflect the Christmas lights while crisp white paper will make winter wonderland Christmas decorations. The glue used should be a thin glue, like white school glue, as the paper needs to lay flat when glued together.

Lay out the paper to be sure there is enough for making all the parts of the custom ornament. A simple one sided ornament will take six, 2 inch circles and one backing piece of paper around 4 inches in diameter. Trace the needed number of circles onto the paper and cut them out. Fold each 2 inch circle in half so there is a clean crease across the center forming a half circle of folded paper. Fold the half circle in half again making another sharp crease from the middle of the straight edge to the middle of the rounded edge as shown in the photo. Now the folded paper should be in the shape of a triangle with one curved side. This curved edge will make the flaps for gluing the pieces together. Fold each curved side of the triangle upward making a crease from one bottom corner over to the other bottom corner as seen in the picture.

Unfold the circle and be sure that each flap is folded up toward the side of the paper that will show when the ornament is finished. Cut along one of the crease lines that run from the circle edge to the middle of the circle, between two of the flaps. Now the circle has four triangular areas, each with a curved flap, that have their points at the center of the circle. Overlap the two triangles on either side of the slit that was cut and glue the top one to the bottom one to make a pyramid shape with three gluing flaps as shown in the photo. Repeat the folding, cutting, and gluing process with all the circles to make six pyramids. Let the pyramid shapes dry thoroughly overnight before proceeding.

Take the 4 inch backing piece and arrange the six pyramids on it to form the shape of the customized Christmas ornament. Some of the flaps will have to be folded under each piece to have them fit tightly together. Once you see how the pieces fit together, glue the first pyramid to the backing piece. Its flaps can be folded either under it or out to the sides to be overlapped by the other pieces that will be glued around it. Use thin layers of glue so it will set up and get tacky quickly as this will help to hold the pieces in place as more of them are glued up. Glue the rest of the pieces in place folding the flaps either down and under the pyramids, or out to the sides as needed. Keep the center points of the pyramids tight together and the outer edges even. It may be necessary to place a small flat paperback book on top of the pyramids to keep them flat while drying.

Once the custom ornaments are dry, the excess edging of the backing piece can be cut off to give the decoration a scalloped edge by leaving the curved flaps in place or making an ornament with six straight sides by cutting the outer flaps off. The customized ornaments can be left as is with a flat back or two of them can be glued together to make two sided decorations. After making some of these DIY crafts using backing pieces, try making ones without them. Simply glue the pyramids together by gluing the flaps together, either folded up or down for a different effect. Use paper clips to hold the pieces together while they dry. Glue up two pyramids at a time and then glue the sets together to form a backless ornament. Use a large needle to poke a hole in what will be the custom Christmas ornaments tops and insert some ribbon or colorful string for hanging purposes.

Customized Christmas ornaments on the tree really make the holiday seem special and by crafting homemade decorations such as these it is possible to get the whole family involved in a holiday project. When packing away custom ornaments such as these, be sure to include a note stating when and by whom they were made.

Customized Christmas Ornaments(59875)
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2 inch circle, folded in half, folded again to make triangle shape
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Flaps folded under the circle and flaps on the folded triangle shape
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Cutting the slit and overlapping the sides to make a pyramid
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Gluing two pyramids together
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