Making Dora Party Favors Memorable for Children

Children have taken to Dora the explorer in the past ten years like fish takes to water. Many children form small exploring clubs inspired by this cartoon character. So if you are looking for a theme for your child’s upcoming birthday party, Dora would be a really exciting choice. To make any Dora birthday party memorable, you need to have great Dora party favors that genuinely excite children.

In the face of the tens of parties that children attend, if you want to create one that they remember more than the others, you want to give them a ‘Dora like’ exploring experience. One of things you can do plan a little exploring game at your child’s birthday party venue. So an outdoor venue would be better suited to such a party themed on Dora, the explorer.

Once the venue (whether indoor or outdoor) is finalized, it is time to start thinking on party favors. When you think about Dora the first thing that comes to mind is her backpack. It gives Dora everything that she needs to explore whatever place she goes. Instead of looking for dedicated goodie bags, a Dora backpack can double up as goodie bags.

The next question is what Dora party favors go into the backpack/goodie bag? If you have watched Dora the explorer with you kid, you know about the magical map that she carries. Well, that is also the first thing you should put inside the back pack. You can simply make a map of your backyard with some marked spots indicating hidden treasures.

Now that everything is set, help them start their exploring adventure. One way to do that is to make a few groups of 2 or 3 children and disperse them in different directions towards the spots where you have hidden your gifts. Tell them that they can keep whatever they find. The gifts will be small and simple of course, but they will love keeping what they find and remember it for a long time.

Besides the main activity of exploring, also include some generic party favors themed on Dora, the explorer. These include daily items such as books, pencils, water bottles and even tattoos and stickers. These are things that can be found with various themes, so they won’t have the same deep value that the Dora specific gifts such as the map and the little treasures that they find.

If you have absolutely no time to plan your child’s birthday party and want a quick fix with the party favors, favor kits might be your best bets. You can get whole party favor kits of different types online. However, if you want kids at the party to have a unique experience, custom favors with a well laid plan are much better and more memorable.

The idea here is that you have used Dora party favors with the fun activities at the party itself. So they carry memories of the fun that they have had on your kid’s birthday. Once you understand this basic principle, you can explore other ideas about how to use Dora in other ways to create a great experience for kids.