Road Map To Success

If you are one of the many people who are afraid of failure, then the reason might be that you are looking at it the wrong way. Everyone who you think of as successful has at one point or another encountered things that would seem to most people as defeating and to some that would have been a good reason to call it quits. When you decide that you want to succeed you have decide to look at things differently. Failing at something should only slow you down, but not stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Failure Is Not The Enemy

When people start a project they like to go in thinking that they cannot fail. You hear the phrase "failure is not an option." Though it sounds positive that frame of mind is why some give up quickly. When you start doing something you have never done before chances are that you will make several mistakes, so the right thing to say would be that you will not let failure stop you. Failing is always a possibility, but letting it stop you is an option. The thing that separates the people who succeed from those that do not is that the ones who carry out their goals see a letdown as a learning experience and not the end of all things.

Do Not Forget The Falls

Let’s picture for a second that you are walking down an old street, and while admiring the buildings around you a pothole makes you trip. If you had to walk down the same street every day you would try to remember where you tripped so that you would not fall again. The same is true when you are trying to a task. The one time that you make a mistake you need to remember it, so that you do not make the same one the next time around. If you keep sticking your foot in the same pothole you will keep falling and if you keep making the same mistake in business you will fail again and again.

If you are having trouble finding the one error you made, then start taking notes and tracing the steps you took. You will soon find the possible mistakes and that is when you can solve them. Sometimes we do not want to see the mistake we made, but once we decide to look at it with an objective mind it is much easier to accept reality.

Do Not Forget The Falls

Forget Pride

You can have the best idea in the world and you may think that you know how to get it done. Then something happens and you decide to start over without making any changes. While it is possible you could have deviated from your plan a bit and that is what caused the problem, it could also be that your plan was not as good as you thought. You need to recognize when you are making a mistake and accept it as a learning experience. If you do not recognize that you are wrong about something then you could end up wasting a lot of time and resources to convince yourself that you were wrong after all.

Pride is a lot worse than a small bump on the road because it blinds you and you cannot see a problem when it is right in front of you. When you can see that something is wrong sooner, you can fix it a lot faster. The first time that you do something it is a good idea to keep track of every step as a map. If you are successful then that map can help you get where you want to go again or even try new things. If the map is wrong then you can create a new one without a problem because you will know where the wrong turn was.

Accept Criticism

Accepting criticism is a big thing to do and a lot of people who go into business refuse to do this. One thing that you have to remember is that it is a lot easier to see a problem when you look at it from the outside. Let’s say that you are in a maze; you are in the middle of a maze and you are looking for an exit by making many turns and hitting a lot of dead ends. A person looking at you in the maze from above would be able to tell you where to go because they can see the problem from a different angle.

When you refuse to take criticism you are saying that you know better, but someone may have a better view of something that is taking place and listening to them may get you back on the right track. One especially good source of constructive criticism is an employee. If you have taken your time to hire people with experience in the field they may know a lot more about how it works than you. Listening and even asking for criticism is a sign of maturity and those that do are the ones with a better chance.

It Is A Marathon

Making it with your own business is not something that will happen from one day to the next. While some people do hit the ground running, most will not. It can take some time to succeed and you may do everything right, but it just takes time. If you feel that you are behind where your realistic projections say you should be, then go back to your map and compare it with the results that you are getting. Talk to people in the same field as you and see what happened when they got started. It is important that you are realistic about your expectations otherwise everything will seem as if it is a failure.

Win Or Lose Is An Option


It is very important that you do not try to rush on your way to success, especially if you have limited money for investing. You have to do your part in getting the word out, but then you have to let some word of mouth take place as well. It is as if you were running a marathon and you decided to sprint right at the start line. You would get a quick advantage, but you are likely to use all of your energy and hit the runners' wall fast without the energy or resources to go on. If you pace yourself and avoid the falls, in time you will see and cross the goal line.