Church fellowship

Church is a great place to go to worship our Lord, but it's also a wonderful place to make friends with like minded believers and have meaningful fellowship. Before and after service is usually fellowship time where people gather to talk and converse about things. It's a great time to make friends, as well as get to know people in the church body. Here are some things churches offer, and some things you can do, to make friends at church!

Morning fellowship

As I just mentioned, a great way to make friends at church is to get yourself out there during the fellowship time on Sunday and meet people. You don't have to feel awkward with saying hello to others because church is a place for God's children to gather, so they all share the love of Christ in their hearts. If you just go around and talk with people and shake their hand and make small talk they will be sure to follow suit and talk back with you. It's a great way to get yourself known in the church, because if you just come in and hide in the back row and never tachurchlk to people then you will likely never make any friends.

If you want to make friends at church you have to take an active approach during this fellowship time and talk to others. You can say hello to people your age and also older. Many of the older folks love talking to younger people and there's nothing wrong with making older friends. They may have sons and daughters that go to church that you didn't know and they can introduce you to them. It's a nice chain reaction of introductions that will lead to you making more friends. Don't be shy and timid, just get out there and shake hands and get your face in front of others and this can lead to lasting friendships that you previously wouldn't have had if you just came in and went to your seat.


Just about every church out there as activities and things going on besides just Sunday morning. This is a prime opportunity to both fulfill yourself in helping others and participating in other things, while at the same time being involved with other people and making friends. Depending on what kind of activities your church does, you can get involved with study groups and age appropriate groups that pertain to you. If you are young there are youth and college age groups, and if you are older there are adult ministries as well for you to take part in. Step up and join these groups and you are sure to make friends as you go often and talk to others. Once you have established yourself there and made friends then you can step up to a leadership position and therefore any newcomers that come to your groups you can be that first point of contact. Being a greeter and someone that engages new people is powerful and really helps expand your friendships and makes you a stronger leader.


Churches all around the world host various events that are fun and fulfilling. Whether you attend at an event or you volunteer to work for the event, both ways can enable you to get involved in social circles and meet new people. From things like summer bible camps, to bar-b-ques, to fundraisers, the choices are vast for churches out there.

If you choose to attend an event, make sure that you get there in plenty of time so there is time for fellowship and chatting. Some events have that beginning fellowship time and then the actual event starts where people are involved (say...a concert perhaps). Regardless though you never want to arrive late to church events if you are looking to make friends because people like to arrive early and talk.

If you choose to volunteer for an event this is a great chance to talk with fellow volunteers that are there for the same reason you are; to bless God's children! It's really a great time when you involve yourself and volunteer with others because they are all there to have fun and to serve. When we have a servant mindset and bless others God sees your dedication and blesses you richly in all areas of your life. Friendships can be forged and made at church events and you should definitely consider volunteering for these things as they come. I know that churches are always in need of volunteers for events because most people either can't be bothered, or are too busy to help so you should have plenty of chances to serve and make friends in the process.

Worship and greeting

If you want to get more involved in the actual Sunday church service you can be a greeter or get involved with the worship team. The great thing about being in a worship team is you get to meet a bunch of new people who are talented and dedicated to giving glory to God. I was in my church's choir for a long time and it was a great time to worship God and lead others into worship, but it was also great in meeting new people and solidifying new relationships and friendships. It also gets you up on the stage GreetingCredit: fcchighpointso others see you and may approach you afterwards to thank you for serving or comment on your gift or singing or playing an instrument.

If you want to be a greeter this is a powerful opportunity to see others because every person enters through the main doors and you are there to shake hands and greet each person coming through. Being social and having a big smile invites others to smile back and talk to you, so be sure to be at church bright and early with a smile on your face and you will be sure to make friends by being that first contact they encounter when arriving Sunday morning.

Jump in

Now that you have an idea of the various things your church offers for getting involved and for yourself to step out, get out there and meet more people! Depending on the size of your church you could get to know everyone quickly or it could take some time. Either way you have a big opportunity to make a lot of friends at church with the right attitude and placing yourself into social situations so others know you