There are numerous ways to make extra money online, but have you ever thought about profiting from your hobbies? I have long held a love for video games and this has led to a passion for modifying them. Sadly, I used to feel guilty about doing it - you can't make money making mods - or can you? There are plenty of rules, both written and unwritten, that come along with modifying video games, but the one relevant to this article is the one that prohibits you from doing it professionally.
You see, in most current-day license agreements for games, the publisher makes clear that all modified game materials will be considered property of the publisher - not the property of the artist who spent his or her time bringing a new flare to their favorite games! This means to sell your mods would be considered the same as pirating the game itself! Some companies supply tools for game mod enthusiasts (like Valve and their Source SDK, Epic and their Unreal Editor), but they still retain rights over anything you create with their proprietary custom game material tools! Other games have tools created by fans of the game (the Grand Theft Auto series on PC is a prime example of end-user ingenuity) - but you still can't sell your creations!
You can put the time into creation, you can promote your mods, you can drive traffic to your site, but you just can't compile a set of awesome mods and sell them to interested gamers! Well, luckily, except for the part about selling mods, all of those things that lead to a great mod release are also hand-in-hand compatible with marketing websites and driving traffic to sites that advertise on your space! So, if you are down about wasting your time on a game asset while you could be making money - now you can do both. Head over to Google Adsense and sign up today - once you've signed up, generate some ad code and put it on your mod pages - now you can feel a little more rewarded for your hard work!