Many ordinary folks might not even have heard about rich compost tea, much less know exactly what it is. Then again, among the seasoned gardening fraternity the many benefits of this tea appear to have been known for quite a long time. Environmentally friendly pursuits are all the fashion at present plus composting of all types is growing in popularity at a substantial rate. Please read on to find out much more and look at the way in which you should be making a little tea for garden – for great benefits.


Brewing compost tea generally is a really simple procedure. Many people go to much more extreme lengths to create their tea, nevertheless the fundamentals are exactly the same no matter which method you decide to use. You need high quality, rich compost to soak in rain water for a length of time. This solution which is created is the compost tea. The solution will have quite a few nutrients leeched from the original compost and can be used as a fantastic, all natural garden fertilizer. The process of making this product can of course be a lot more complicated however in simple terms this can be compost tea.


Why not just use the actual compost? Indeed you can - although the secret is inside the organic tea. Making tea will create a liquid fertilizer from the original, base compost which is very easy to apply with a sprayer or watering can. Making use of this organic tea as feed for your plants can give them an extra lift. It truly is flexible and can be used for particular plants giving you complete control of your feeding, by just varying the regularity and amount of tea you add. This control of things is definitely a characteristic skilled gardeners like. It's also believed that this compost tea may help keep plants and flowers strong by adding helpful microbes.


By following a couple of important steps you can easily start to make your own rich compost tea very quickly with minimum effort on your part. Most important is the sort of base compost you will use to create this tea formula. For the greatest results work with a homemade, organic garden compost. Worm composting produces a wonderful blend to make tea, nevertheless any decent rich compost source could be used. Without great base compost nothing else will make a difference, using rain water exclusively or putting in other ingredients will not make the finished tea any better, if your base compost is of poor quality.


To start with it could be a good option to buy one of many beginner kits offered by garden supply stores or online retailers. Wake up to the features of your very own home made rich compost tea. The benefits soon become clear as you watch the quality of your plants improve as you feed them regularly with good old compost tea.