No longer are gift basket creations left to big time brands, companies and manufacturers. Now days anyone with a desire to create, the right gift basket supplies and a small amount of crafting ability can put together extraordinary gifts. You can find hundreds of books on the market to walk you through different designs or try your hand unassisted and learn through trial and error. However and whatever has you considering making gift baskets here you will find the most needed on hand items to stock your supply.

Gift Basket Themes

Gift baskets have remained a popular gift to give among people for nearly every holiday or special occasion that comes around. If you are into making gift baskets and have the proper gift basket supplies you can create a gift perfect for any one or any of the following themes:

  • Mothers Day gift baskets
  • Fathers Day gift basket
  • Corporate gift baskets
  • Business gift baskets, gift for the boss, gifts for co-workers
  • Birthday baskets
  • Anniversary
  • New Baby, Baby shower
  • Wedding gift baskets, engagement gifts

Different Types of Gift Baskets

Not only can you create a beautiful gift for nearly any occasion but you can also design them around a number of different likes, tastes, products or other specifics. Just to give you an idea of how broad a topic making gift baskets is here are just some of the ideas of creations you can base your designs on:

  • Coffee Lovers - utilizing an assortment of coffees and coffee related products i.e. cups, sweeteners etc
  • Chocolate Lovers - Combining any number of chocolatey treats: cocoa, covered cherries, gourmet chocolate and variety chocolates.
  • Snacks - Do a combination of sweet and salty for snack packs. Nuts, chocolate, hard candy, pretzels, fruit - the possibilities are endless
  • Fruits - Combine an assortment of fresh and juicy or dried fruits. Nuts are a great addition to these gift basket themes.
  • Baby - This great theme is especially appealing to new parents inside they can unwrap: Cute gender appropriate outfits (onesies, or full outfits), adorable baby bibs, binkies (pacifiers), coupons, diapers and anything else a new baby needs.
  • Wine and Romance - A special moment waiting to happen all wrapped in a cute gift basket. Wine, select fruits (i.e. strawberries) or gourmet chocolates possibly a mood setting CD.

Making Gift Baskets - Gift Basket Supplies

Now some of your gift basket supplies will vary from basket to basket but if you plan on creating a variety of styles and designs here are some of the basic supplies you will want to have on hand:

  • Scissors will have a variety of uses from cutting foam to celophane plus many other uses with decorations and such.
  • Celophane, which is handy to have in an assortment of clear or colored, is typically what you will use to wrap each gift basket in. Unless you utilize shrink wraps which would require a heat gun.
  • Clear tape is used to secure your packaging so that you are not left with unappealing openings.
  • Double sided tape - can be used to add decorations and also to secure packaging and items on skewers.
  • Skewers can add stability to a lot of smaller items used when making gift baskets.
  • Ribbon is used for decorating both inside and outside of the packages and can be used in several widths and lengths.
  • Misc. craft decorations for embellishing the packages including: assorted ribbon, flowers, berries, glitters.
  • Gift Labels - To and from - these can be a combination of stick ons or tie ons
  • Crafting or floral foam is one of the more important gift basket supplies as this can be used as filler or to give height for items that would otherwise not be able to be seen. The foam is also a must when using skewers.
  • Glue gun can be used in place of double sided tape for decorating and adhering items to skewers.
  • Storage Container to Hold your crafting supplies. (one of your most important assets)

These are just the basic gift basket supplies that you need to get started making gift baskets. As you progress you will be able to dwindle and add only the things that best suit you and your crafting needs.

Finding Gift Basket Supplies

You can drop by almost any crafting supply store to purchase the items that you need however for a better price and bulk orders try checking out ebay and Amazon for some amazing discount buys such as the Creative Options Grab & Go Sewing and Storage Box/Organizer.

To wrap things up I'd like to mention that, as you may well know, a personalized and or handcrafted gift (one constructed by a loved one) can be the most memorable and cherished gifts to both give and receive. These just add a little something extra - whether you want to start crafting gift baskets as a home business or simply for fun you have chosen something I am sure you will come to love.