Making lifestyle changes in the New Year is something we all intend doing when we make our New Year resolutions. I make the same resolutions every New Year, just the same as most people do. This year will be different…Really.

Why Do People Make New Year Resolutions?

Everyone likes the idea of an empty diary, a clean slate. It's like starting a computer game over again when something goes wrong. It is easy to say you are going to start afresh. It is easy, so the concept attracts lots of people who are unhappy with the way their lives are going.

Making New Year resolutions solves nothing, however. It is the keeping of those resolutions that will change the direction of your life.

Who Makes New Year's Resolutions?

Most people like the idea of a fresh start and it is very easy to say you are going to do something. Almost everyone resolves to change some aspect of their behaviour. Most people make the same resolutions every New Year; there is something going wrong there.

Why Wait For New Year?

In September 1999 at the start of a new school year (I taught in England at the time), I resolved to change my life over the following year. I did and never looked back.

New Year is only symbolic, you can make a new start at any time.

What New Year's Resolutions Did I Make in September '99?

I was unhappily married and I resolved to leave the marriage at the end of the school year. I took my inspiration from the Jerry Rafferty song, Baker Street especially the line "Just one more year and then you'll be happy" That had been my catchphrase for the previous ten years.

I made plans and moved out in July 2000.

The point is that making a resolution is only the start, there is always a lot of planning to do as well.

New Year resolutions should be BIG ones, life-changing decisions, not just about giving up smoking or losing weight.

What New Year Resolutions Am I Making This Year?

I have ordered a 5 year diary from Amazon so I can map out how I am progressing with my plans. My New Year resolutions will be measurable and a part of my five year plan. I am going to get closer to my life goals this year than I ever have before. I started to make my five year plan earlier this year. I will finalise it over the holiday, I might even take a day off from the writing to do it.

My Resolution For Next Year

As part of my plan to earn a million a year I am determined to make a part-time income from my writing next year. I count a part-time income as €250 a week, about $1300 a month.

How Will I Achieve This Part-Time Income?

I will continue to start writing by 5.30am six mornings out of seven and write for ten to fourteen hours a day seven days a week.

Most of my writing will be on InfoBarrel, but I will be rewriting articles for HubPages and PostUrOwn to give links back to any article that has earned me a euro.

I will re-invest every cent I earn and probably another thousand euro in hiring ghost writers to write more articles for me.

I will Join Keyword Academy and use their Guest Posting service. This will cost me money, $33 a month, so will be on a six month trial basis. I plan to write three or four guest posts a day as well as keeping up with my two a day InfoBarrel submissions. The guest posts will boost the search engine ranking of my InfoBarrel articles.

When my 5 year diary arrives I will break my five year plan (not just a resolution) down into monthly achievement targets. I will not aim to earn $x by each month's end because that is not something I have any direct control over. My targets will be work related, things I have total control over.

By January 31st I plan to have:

  • Another fifty Info Barrel articles
  • Twenty Hubs on Hub Pages
  • Twenty articles on PostUrOwn
  • Thirty blog pages on my own blogs
  • Fifty new blog posts on my blogs

By February 28th I plan to have

  • fifty more Info Barrel articles
  • Ten more Hub Pages hubs
  • Ten more articles on PostUrOwn
  • Thirty Postrunner Guest Posts
  • Twenty blog pages on my two main blogs
  • Thirty new blog posts on my blogs
  • Ten outsourced articles, probably from oDesk writers

By March 31st I plan to have

  • Fifty more Info Barrel articles
  • Ten more Hub Page hubs
  • Twenty more PostUrOwn articles
  • Fifty Postrunner Guest Posts
  • Twenty more pages on my blogs
  • Thirty more blog posts on my own blogs
  • Thirty more outsourced articles from oDesk writers

You get the idea. All my targets are measurable. Any target that cannot be measured is a dream. Targets are met far more often than dreams come true.

The details of each month's targets may change depending what I learn and earn between now and then, but the broad picture is fixed.

I will keep on writing for InfoBarrel myself

I will maintain and grow my blogs

I will be building links to my better articles

I will be using Postrunner for Guest Posts

I will be outsourcing articles at oDesk

There are a few vague parts of my plan as yet.

I may outsource some of the writing to my daughter if she loses her job because it is a way I can support her without her feeling it is charity.

I have not decided yet exactly what to do with my outsourced articles. From what I hear Hub Pages earns faster than Info Barrel, so I am tempted to put them on there until they have paid for themselves, then rewrite HP versions and put the original outsourced articles onto Info Barrel.

I intend to post all outsourced content under another name, to preserve my own writing reputation.