Two or three decades ago when I look back, I realize that in 1980s and 1990s people were more fit and were less prone to heart attacks, diabetes, cervical problems, back aches and other similar kinds of life threatening diseases. There were lesser number of heart attacks and even lesser number of bypass or open heart surgeries. At least in India the instances of heart attacks were rare and very few people used to have open heart surgeries. Today, every third or fourth person is suffering from diabetes, has problems like arthritis, stiff neck or cervical pain or is suffering from slip disc, back pain, etc. The hospitals are full of patients undergoing treatment for different problems and after going through surgeries, and after prolonged intake of medicines, they still remain unhealthy and sad. Happiness and health have both just vanished from the face of the earth.

The only reason that I find is responsible for the present unhealthy state is our lifestyle. We have become more lethargic and indulgent. We eat wrong foods, drink heavily, and smoke frequently. We do all these things just to overcome our anxiety or to get relief from our tension filled life. Our life has certainly become complex and our unhealthy lifestyle has led to serious body ailments, deformities, obesity and in turn untimely deaths, premature aging and that has finally made us sad, unhappy, and unhealthy. We can overcome all such issues by following a simple diet and exercise routine. By making a few changes in our diet and combining it with a little exercise all our problems can automatically get solved.

I have a few tips that I will like to share with people who have become obese or are suffering from some kind of stress, have problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, cervical pain, back pain, joint pain, etc.

What you need to do is to eat healthy and a low-fat diet. For example, you can have boiled eggs, fruits, milk or cereals like oats, porridge, corn flakes, etc. for breakfast. Eat a heavy breakfast, have moderate lunch consisting salads, yoghurt, pulses, rice or a vegetable, and a light as well as early dinner. In dinner your menu can be two pieces of roasted chicken, ham or any other meat, other than red meat, one or two helpings of your favorite vegetable dish, one or two loaves of bread or buns and a glass or two of your favorite wine.

A healthy lifestyle is your ticket to good health and happiness.