How to stay together...

...and more importantly, how to be happy together!

Making a long distance relationship work is hard. No doubt about it. In fact, a long distance relationship isn't for everybody, but if you know you want it to work, and you know you can put in the effort then it's really no trouble it all! This article will simply guide you through some definite must in a long distance relationships, beginning with a rather important one

Defining your relationship

It would be horrible to agree to try long distance with your partner only to find that He/she was only interested in maintaining a close friendship. Though it's unlikely something like this would happen, it's very possible if you are unable to clearly communicate what you want in the relationship. So take care to make sure you and your partner have a mutual understanding of what you're going to be defined as. Whether that's a couple, or just friends, or what have you. 

Do things together, talk, find fun ways to interact.

This is incredibly important in making a long distance relationship work. From a very general stance, it's very hard to make any relationship work if there's no talking. Whether that's on the phone or Skype or whatever is up to you, however the talking must be there to keep a strong emotional connection between you two. Aside from just talking it's also important to find other fun things to do together, like watching a movie together online, or sending each other post cards! This will keep the flame alive and keep you feeling intimate with your partner. Even watching reading the same book or talking about a shared interest can be great for your relationship.

Don't try to control your partner

This comes up a lot, especially in long distance relationships. When your partner is away you may become insecure and worry about their decisions, so much so that you become controlling. Don't do this. Stop and think before you say something you know you'll regret, and remember that it's not your life. Your partner is choosing to stay with you, despite the distance, and that should be considered a strong act of trust in it's own right. If something is bothering you however, don't choose to bottle it up, just find an appropriate way to talk to your partner about it. Trusting your partner is the single most important thing you can do in a long distance relationship!

Remember you're still together!

You're still dating that partner of yours so remember to keep them close to you and take care of them! Apathy will quickly bring an end to your relationship


Be sure to take advantage of any chances to be intimate that you get. During your time away you won't be able to enjoy any physical intimacy so be sure to make time for it to keep the spark alive.

Remember why you're doing it in the first place.

Long distance relationships are hard! Remember why you're staying together in the first place and don't ever start taking your partner for granted. If you can keep this all in mind then making love work in a long distance relationship should be no problem for you! Good luck.