MP4 file format is a standard multi-media format that is practically used for digital video storage. It is likewise used for digital audio streaming and has the capability to input subtitles and other still images. Similar to the other existing multi-media format, it likewise allows streaming via the Internet. Hint tracks are also included in the streaming information of the MP4 format. The file extension is .mp4.

MPEG-4 is an ISO certified specification that involves several multi-media presentation aspects. Aspects may be categorized as authority, compression and delivery. It is necessary to know that video compression is completely different from container definition as many users find them the same. These two are considered independent entities. Only a fraction of the specification of MPEG-4 can be implemented while becoming fully compliant with the complete standard.

There are also other file extensions that can be utilized to show the intended content. For example, MPEG-4 files that have embedded audio and/or video have a general standard extension of .mp4. However, for files that are exclusively 'audio' in nature may also have the same file extension.

As described by the MPEG-4 written specification, the MPEG-4 file format includes a number of AAC (short for Advanced Audio Coding) and video –encoded content. It normally uses the file extension .mp4. Unfortunately, mp4 windows media player does not exist. Windows Media Player cannot support the audio and video playback of a file that has an extension file of .mp4.

To do this successfully, it is necessary to use a different tool. You can the Windows Media Player to plat you MPEG-4 files only if you install a decoder pack that is compatible with the file.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has decided to employ the compression portion of the video in MPEGH-4 Standard. Codecs have been produced by the company such as Microsoft MPEG-4 v1/v2/v3 and ISO MPEG-4 v1. The video content of MPEG-4 can likewise be decoded as an .asf file if you opt to choose the Windows Media Tools. They can also be stored in the same format with the use of Windows Media Encoder. After doing so the so-called mp4 windows media player can now be used.

If you re not quite sure if you are playing the correct file, then you can verify this by simply looking at the properties. The type of file is then shown right inside the file that says Type of file.