Making money at home for free is possible. If for example you want to know how to make10 dollars a day with affiliate marketing, it is a good idea to test your keyword to make sure that there is a market and that there are people who are looking for the product or thing that you are writing about.

The best way to find out if your keyword choice has any merit is to carry out short keyword niche projects. Just do the following steps and you will find out sooner rather than later whether you are on to a money making winner or loser.

Pick a niche - Decide on a topic area that you want to write about. You can choose a subject that you are very knowledgeable about, like your hobby or the job that you do.

Pick a keyword - Check with the Google adword to see how many people are estimated to actually type into Google the keyword phrase that you have decided to use. If you go for the exact option then you can see the exact number. The higher the number is the more people will be searching for this term. Try not to be too ambitious. If there is a high level of people searching for this term then you can guarantee that there will be a lot of competing pages. So choose wisely and go for terms with fewer searches in the results.

Find an affiliate product - if you would like to try and make money with adsense as well as a product of your choice, and then pick an appropriate item. You can choose to pick a product from or you can browse through for something. Sign up for their affiliate programmes and it shouldn't take too long to get approved.

Write articles - write a minimum of 4 articles about your keyword. These articles should be 300 - 400 words in length. Use your keyword in the title and a couple of times in the article body. That should be sufficient.

Publish one article on Hubpages - Hubpages has a great relationship with the Google search engine so your article will appear within hours. It is easy to learn how to make money with hubpages. You can sign up for free and look at other pages so that you can see how to set them up properly. Add pictures for added pizzazz.

Publish one article by signing up with Info barrel. This is a great way to get a backlink to your hubpage. Backlinks help give your site more strength and power in the search engines. It is straight forward to sign up here and you can get your article authorised and published very quickly. (You can also make some money with the adsense that surrounds your article).

Publish other articles on ezine - sign up with ezine articles. This is also very quick and easy to do. Ezine articles also have a lot of respect and authority with the Google search engine so your article will appear quite quickly. Each article is monitored by a real person so it will take a couple of days to get your stuff authorised but this shouldn't be a problem. Make sure that you place your keyword anchor text in the resource box. This link should connect to your hubpage. Read the rules about how to do this on ezine articles help page.

Publish your articles on 10 other directories - do a quick search to find up to 10 article directories and add your articles there. This will assist you in spreading the word about your hubpage.

Create a wordpress or blogger blog - Collect all your articles that you have published on ezine and create a mini blog. If you would like, you can add a couple of mini articles also. Choose the name of this blog using your keywords.

Move on to your next niche / keyword - it will take a couple of weeks for you to find out whether your choice of keyword will be profitable. While you are waiting, it is time to start on a new niche.

Making money at home for free is a great way to start online affiliate marketing. Each niche should make you some money and if you are lucky, you could end up making even more that 10 dollars a day. The more niches you attack the more money you will make.