If you enjoy writing articles and are looking for a way to diversify your article writing efforts on different revenue sharing programs you should definitely have a look at writing articles for Squidoo. It is not as straight forward as submitting articles for other revenue sites like for example Infobarrel or Hubpages but it certainly offers a lot of ways to make money online and have fun while doing it.

The basics are the same like any other revenue sharing program. You must find topics to write about that are searched for enough every month in order to get enough traffic, make sure the keywords you are targeting are not too competitive, and that there is an earning potential in the keywords you choose.

Apart from that you must promote your articles the same as you would be promoting articles on other sites, including your own websites, as to create backlinks to those articles that will help promoting and ensure visitors will actually read your articles. So far it is pretty straight forward and very much the same as what you would be doing on Infobarrel.

However, there are quite a few differences compared to other sites which makes writing for Squidoo and creating the special article pages called lenses, so much fun. Squidoo has created an admin panel for each lensmaster with a huge amount of possibilities to increase earnings.

First of all you can make money by receiving a share of adsense earnings. Unlike other adsense revenue sharing programs though, you will not receive a percentage of the clicks your article makes, but you will receive part of the adsense pool, according to the average month rank your lens has on Squidoo.

For some people this is a difficult concept to grasp and they feel it is not a good way to make money with adsense. It can go both ways though, if you write about a low paying keyword you could actually make around $25 per month on that article as long as you make sure there is enough traffic and your lens is in the top paying tier on Squidoo. This means you will have to do enough promotion to get your lens ranking roughly in the best 2000 lenses on Squidoo.

In the case of low earning keywords, $25 a month as long as your lens stays in top tier is really good. And even if that lensrank would go down to being in the top 10000 lenses it would still make a roughly $5 a month. In my book that is worth it.

However, if you have articles that are based on keywords with a much higher earning potential you will probably make sure you get a direct percentage (if not all) of the adsense earnings.

Of course adsense is not the only way you can make money, Squidoo also runs infolinks and chitika on your lenses if you so do decide, offering you a piece of the pie each month as well, according to the different earning tiers per lens.

Apart from the revenue sharing you are allowed to place affiliate links on your lenses and self serving links upto the amount of 9 per lense. There are of course rules to the products you can promote on Squidoo as to keep the quality high. They have installed a spam filter that will make sure that no diet fads are promoted for example, all sorts of medications are blocked and a whole list of low quality affiliate products are frowned upon, but it does leave a whole area open for promotion purposes and offering good quality information.

This in itself is pretty unique because it opens the door to a lot of testing which affiliate products work and which way best to promote them, even though it can take a little bit of time to actually get visitors and see some results.

Squidoo home page has a strong link and even though many people now seem to claim that it is hard to index Squidoo lenses, I have found this is not the case, and through the use of different RSS modules, it has become a lot easier to keep providing the lenses with fresh content, being an extra in the eyes of the search engine.

Another good way to make money with Squidoo lenses is the ability to create product review lenses that have amazon products easily added to your content. These adsense earnings are not tiered, meaning that you will get a set percentage of all the products sold through your lenses, so if you have a nack of finding good products on Amazon and writing quality product reviews, Squidoo could really up your earnings with their amazon modules.

Squidoo can be used on it´s own as article directory, it can be used to promote amazon products, do book reviews, write about a whole lot of topics that fancy your interest, you could share your experiences just for fun and participate in the active community or you could use Squidoo for backlinking to your money making webpages and articles or build small mini-sites to improve your earnings.

As for me, I came to Squidoo after reading a marketing plan that sounded really interesting, that got me building a few lenses. However when I found out about other ways to make money I left and forgot all about my accounts over there, untill I started receiving emails of affiliate commissions being made and paypal announcements of payments being sent to my account.

Squidoo has changed a lot and they are working hard in order to make the whole experience a lot better for their users. If you are a bit computer challenged but still want to check out the possibilities of making money through Squidoo, I would want to recommend you pick up a Squidoo guide to learn about all the different Squidoo modules and how to use them in order to set up a really nice lens. If you pick up things really easily, you will find it a lot of fun to build lenses, participate in the community and earn all the different trophies along the way that will keep you inspired enough to keep on going untill the money starts coming in!