Everyone is always looking for the next fad. The next big thing to invest in. I have found a niche with blogs that can turn a profit for almost anyone, my niche is buying blogger blogs. This is a practise that not many people if any do but can prove very profitable. In this article I will go into detail on how to buy a blogger blog.

The Concept

Before you jump in and try to buy a blogger blog you must understand the concept behind the idea. Many people make blogs, either for school ,work, fun or for what ever reason. When people make these blogs many times they leave them after a while and don't bother with them anymore. This happens a lot of times with aspiring bloggers who realize blogging is Hard work. When people stop working on their blog  they might still get traffic. Unless the person deletes the blog it is always on the internet. People may occasionally stumble upon the blog like a parked domain. This is where great opportunity comes in. People can buy these blogs for great prices and reap the benefits of the traffic they receive. In this article I will show you how to make money buying blogger blogs.

   The Pitch

 You don't have to just buy blogger blogs but the focus of this article will be on these types of blogs. When you are buying blogger blogs you must be in contact with the owner. Sometimes you can comment on the blog but if the owner isn't looking at that blog anymore they might not see it. Instead it is better to contact the owner of the blog via email which might prove difficult since most bloggers dont usually put there email online. Despite this delema, there are ways to find contact information for bloggers.

When I look for a blog I look for new blogs that are on different things like a blog on dirt biking or Sports Then I track the blog and comment the owner or subscribe to the blog using my google account. Eventually the owner of the blog will either friend me or subscribe to my blog(in comments I leave a link to my blog) Then I message the owner with the following message.


My name is ___, I have been following your blog____ for a while and have really enjoyed reading it. I love the way your blog___. I also like the way your blog has __. The reason I am contacting you is that I am interested in buying your blog. I have purchased blogs in the past and want to add your great blog to my collection. I have looked through your blog and am willing to offer you ____ dollars for it. I believe this is a very fair offer to make on your blog. If you are interested in selling please contact me back so we can come to an agreement on a price. Thankyou.





This is a variation of the message I send people when offering to buy their blogs. Sometimes I offer little praise for their blog and sometimes I offer a lot. I usually offer a price in the first contact message because I have found that people respond better when I immediately offer them money. When constructing a message to a blog owner try to be very nice and reasonable you will probably not be able to make a deal if you start off by criticizing the blog. Also explain how you came to the price you are offering to buy it for. Many blog owners attach a lot of sentimental value to their blogs and it can be quite difficult to come to a reasonable price.

When offering money for a blog on your first contact be sure to start off with a price that leaves you with enough room to negotiate. If you start your price off too low, then  might insult the seller. If you start your price out to high, than you will miss out on the opportunity to buy for a better price. Heres an example. Let's say a blog is worth 500 dollars. Make the starting offer around 350-420 dollars, this way you have room to negotiate up to 500. If you start at 450, the seller might than counter offer with 500 not giving you much room to negotiate.


Assessing The Value

Assessing a blog and coming up with an accurate evaluation can sometimes be hard. Without actually seeing the earnings, you may not be able to accurately assess the value of the blog. I generally go based off of the content in the blog. I pay anywhere from 1-15 dollars per blog post and 1-10 dollars per picture/video, going based off of the content is smarter because the design and layout of a blog is basically the shell, you are really paying for the meat.  It's like when you buy walnuts. When you buy walnuts you pay per pound but parts of the nut, (the shell)you don't eat. You end up paying for the food you will eat and the food you wont eat. It would be better If you could just pay for the nut and not the shell right? The same is true for a blogger blog. You will probably pay a little extra for the sites design/layout even though you may end up scraping it. This is why I pay just for the content. I usually don't even account for the traffic, although if the site is getting thousands of visitors a month I will end up taking that into account. If though the site only has a few hundred visitors a month, I will end up just spending money for the content.


In conclusion, there is a lot of thought and work involved in buying a blogger blog. If you assess the value of a blog and than make a good offer, you may be able to buy a great blog for an even greater price, allowing you to make a nice profit in the long run. Many people have had success buying blogs, it's time that you have success with them too!