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Making money has always been a challenge for me! Either I was overworked and underpaid, or justnot compensated enough  for my uniqueness and brilliance.

In fact, I'm pretty sure it has been extremely hard to make money for many people over that last few years (with a fallen economy). Yeah, I know---it's a sad case.

Recently, I got really desperate about making money, and wanted to know how I could generate a decent amount of income by doing something I would enjoy. Therefore, like millions of other hopeful people (working a 9 to 5), I started doing google searches about how to generate passive income online.

Long story short. Google led me to several sites that seemed to have mastered generating income online. However, out of every site I came across a powerful site called smart passive income (which was the best site by far) gave me many ideas about how to generate income online by writing.

This site taught me about, and how to make money from it! is a phenomenal site that allows writers and bloggers to start generating income online by simply writing. In fact, it is a very simple way to get started making money online right away!

It was a very simple process to set up my infobarrel account. Below are the seven simple ways tostarted generating income with infobarel: 

  1. Choose a topic that you would like to blog or write about- By chosing a topic that you are both knowledgable and passionate about, you will be more likely to generate tons of content and have fun while doing it.
  2. Visit and sign up for a free account-Setting up the free account with will put you in a place to start writing and informing others with your content. This will allow you to empower others and generat income through their affliation with Adsense.
  3. Fill out your information and read the simple content about how to generate income on the site-This process is very straightforward and very spelled out by
  4. Write your first article-This will be something that will introduce yourself to the writing world.
  5. Set up your Google Adsense account-You do this once you have at least on live article.
  6. Be very consistent in writing-The guy that taught me about this site was clear that you must be consistent in order to continue generating income.
  7. Generate income-This comes from being consistent and writing good content.

I hope this simple article leads you to to start writing content to generate money.

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