Since the turn of the century there is one fashion trend that has not changed, and that's going Green.Saving the planet has evolved, and from the outcast Eco Warriors of the 20th century to a point were in fashion terms Green is the new Black !

I am still somewhat a sceptic - not on the issue of saving the planet, I love saving things and why start small.I'm a sceptic on why company's who pay minimum wage and would throw your grandmother down the stairs to get ahead now pay fortunes to Go Green.

The Dragons Den

Green Or Die The Dragons Den is a popular show almost worldwide.For those who have not seen it the idea is simple, budding entrepreneurs and inventors stand in front of 5 successful business millionaires (The Dragons) and pitch their ideas in the hope of investment and guidance in building their products and reaching the marketplace.

On a recent U.K. episode two guys arrived and pitched their business model of a logistics company, putting a fleet of trucks and vans on the road delivering goods.This is hardly an invention or inspired product and the blunt Dragons would usually put these guys to the sword for wasting their time but instead something that rarely happens between the Dragons ensued - a bidding war.

Most of the entrepreneurs who face the dragons fail and the ones who do manage to secure investment often start by offering 15% of their business for lets say £50,000 and leave having parted with 35% of their business for the £50,000.But these two guys were almost being offered the money for less equity than they had offered, and all they had was lets face it a haulage company.

The catch - This haulage company was going to be Green !

That's it, they were not going to be cheaper or faster in fact they would most likely be more expensive, but they would use Bio fuel in their fleet and the vehicles would be custom made to meet the Green standards.Everything they did and everything connected to the business would be as green as an possible.

The bidding war within the Den was not the the result of Dragons loosing the run of themselves in an attempt to save the planet, and the large company's that would pay top dollar for the service couldn't give a 'Truck' about the impending doom of mankind.They wanted to invest in the brand and that's what Green has become a Brand.

Going Green Logo

The Green Brand

I'm not sure that we will see the Coca Cola logo change color or the McDonald's M replaced by a G. But this new brand is here to stay and will be like every brand exploited for profit.Every product in every part of our lives will have a 'Green Option'.

But is it a bad thing that something as serious as saving the future of the human race is becoming a Brand or Logo ?

From the undertaker who makes a living from sticking us in the ground to the company's who build tanks and bombs there is a profit being made from every disaster whether personal or global.

I do get ticked off when i see company's try to portray themselves as the new all caring business model, but i guess if it helps drag us from the path of self destruction maybe it's not such a bad thing that Green is the new black .

What do you think ?