Making Money

Bring in the $$$

Say you have a hobby that you love such as playing the guitar or you love to make arts and crafts. These hobbies are something you love and enjoy doing; why not turn them into a method of making a profit? I am using these two hobbies as examples for this article, but pick whatever you love and substitute it for them. You are using your time to do this hobby and are having a blast, so let's find out ways where you can keep doing what you love and bringing in some income on the side.

Master it first

Your first step is to master the hobby you want to use to make money off of. That means learning everything you can and get good at the guitar, or get really streamlined and fast at making good quality arts and crafts. Don't just focus on speed, quality is in many ways more important because nobody will buy your "hobby" if it's sloppy. That means learn all the chords and scales and a fair share of techniques on the guitar, or learning different skills and tricks of the trade for making beautiful crafts. Once you have it down and you know the quality is good enough that someone would want to use their hard earned money and give it to you for your hobby. This will propel you forward and give good word of mouth and marketing for your service and will enable you to make more money.

Market yourself

Now that you have gotten good at your hobby you want to expose it to the public. If you play guitar and want to start teaching lessons now, it's time to start talking to others aMarket Your ServiceCredit: http://www.morguefile.comnd maybe get a twitter and Facebook page and get the word out about your lessons and prices. Tell people your schedule and when you can meet to teach them and the word will spread. If you are doing arts and crafts, make a bunch of assorted crafts and create a small label or sticker with your name, phone number if you wish, and business email address. Bring those crafts to an event and get a table and sell them! Not only will you be able to make a profit from your hard work but the word will also spread if your quality and prices are good since you are talking to people and have your sticker on each craft. Again word of mouth is the most important thing we have at our disposal when first started out to making money from your hobbies, and this is both good and bad.

Word of mouth: The good and the bad

This is the key for your early success. Nobody starts off with a massive marketing campaign and customers flow in, everyone starts out by word of mouth. This can be both a blessing and a curse, which is why I suggested mastering your hobby first before even thinking about bringing it out to the public. People will see your guitar skills or the quality of your crafts and begin to tell others. If the quality and style are good then good word will spread and you will see an increase in business in the form of more clients or more demand for your product. In the same way if your service is of poor quality then bad word will spread and it will hurt your image. I heard from someone at my first retail job say "For every dissatisfied customer there is, they will tell 10 people how poor the store is." Bad word spreads much faster than good word, so make sure there is no reason to give them a bad word to say. Focus on the quality and that will inevitably push forth into the public realm easily. Let the people you have satisfied spread the word for you and that is FREE marketing for you that you don't have to pay a cent for. Once you see a decent following and can see the money start to come in, it's time to take it to the next level.

Business platform

When first starting out it's not practical to have a major business plan because you have to get a following and see if your service will even be a success. It's like someone planning how they will be CEO and how to run a business when they haven't even started one. Don't jump the gun too quickly, take it one step at the time and the rest will come by default. My recommendation is once you see some success going on make a business Facebook page and look for a cheap vendor to produce business cards for you. Begin to market your product on different websites that offer reviews and get tBusiness PlanCredit: http://www.morguefile.comhe word out. Use your business Facebook page and email! Never use personal Facebook and emails because when you get successful your inbox will overflow and your personal Facebook will go on overload. Create a business plan to manage your income, supply, estimate demand, and plan out your schedule to meet that plan. If you are teaching guitar lessons and the clients are flowing in, you could ask for the aid of another person and promise them a cut of the profits so overall you are making more money without having to turn down clients and therefore money. If you are making crafts enlist the help of a few friends to assist you in making those crafts and give them a cut of the money made and keep it going. The possibilities are endless.

Good luck!

We live in America, the land of opportunity. Everyone who puts their minds to something and does their research has a great chance of succeeding if they love what they do and have a passion for it. People who have no passion will have a very difficult time succeeding because they are just in it for the fame or the money, but those who already have hobbies and want to make money off of it will be successful in their endeavors. Good luck and let these tips assist you in making money from your hobbies.